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Israel Moon can be self worth – $ 99 million


Israel $ 100000000 moon landing, the company can put its prize of $ 1 million. California-based nonprofit X Prize Foundation announced Thursday,
that will hand out awards in the amount of $ 1 million Israeli SpaceIL noncommercial, if he will take it successfully land a spacecraft on the moon, is expected to make in the next month.

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You take a private company for SpaceIL-founded in 2011 to compete in Google's 10-year-old space race competition Lunar X Prize- in partnership with the Israeli government defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI). The project will cost about $ 100 million by IAI statements.

You take a run. Photo: SpaceX You take a run. Photo: SpaceX

The spacecraft is set to land on the moon on April 11 and photographed the landing site, including seogo. Take will measure the magnetic field of the moon before the sun's heat to give in soon after.

If successful, you take could be the first non-state owned spacecraft to reach the moon's surface, which makes Israel the fourth country to put a car on the Moon after the US, Russia and China.

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