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It was the last day of the dinosaurs: the US box reveals its secrets (PHOTO)


A huge wave in the inner sea and a shower of glass spheres were the conditions that can not survive in the North American continent, or marine biodiversity. Dinosaurs and fish died and were buried for several hours or even several tens of minutes after the fall Chicxulub asteroid.

That is the picture presented to the public on Friday, a statement from the University of Berkeley (USA), announcing the forthcoming publication of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Apocalyptic image comes this time with the Paleontological site and not a hypothesis on the last day of the dinosaurs.

Paleontologist Robert DePalma spent six years, starting in 2013, excavations at Tanis Reservoir in North Dakota (near the town of Bowman in the formation Hell Creek). The results showed clearly that it field that indicates kills generated within a very short time, after exposure to the Chicxulub in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to co-author of the study fossils represent the region "the first set of mass deaths of large organizations It was found "and corresponds to the edge of the Cretaceous and Paleógeno. A T. Rex and Triceratops various mammals, many insects and other creatures joined. And on the site of the river lies the skeletons of reptiles became extinct Mosasaurus, ammonite clams, sturgeon and paddlefish.

traces of the disaster

Fish is much better preserved, there are some glass beads a few millimeters in diameter on the gills. Scientists believe that these have caught traces of a catastrophic event, like the rain of molten rock, while swimming with an open mouth. Appreciate that in the region, located more than 3,200 kilometers away from the crater, This glass strait from 45 minutes to one hour after exposure.

Sedimentary rock layer that covers the entire set of bones rich iridium, a rare element, in cortical but not asteroids Earth. Scientists believe that this layer has accumulated due to the huge waves, but really not a tsunami.

According to him, it is likely to be Seiche, the standing waves recur Typical water partially enclosed body is exposed to a strong earthquake. This is a & # 39; reality would be the case in the Dakotas before the tsunami could reach such a distant region of the Gulf of Mexico.

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