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Jaime Sanchez, a young Mexican, who will lead the project NASA


Jaime Sanchez de la Vega this name with Mexican engineer who will lead the mission nano-satellites under the name "The Phoenix Cubesat" Sponsor NASA.

Sonora student received the support of 200 thousand US dollars to finance the nanosatellites scientistit is planned launched into space in October this year.

The project will be fully implemented by students Arizona State University (ASU)Where Sanchez de la Vega studied. The device design would be able to capture thermal imaging cities with low-Earth orbit (LEO), remote sensing Infrared.

The goal is to learn Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI), with & # 39; reality, by which the surface temperature tends to be higher, particularly at night, as a result structure of cities.

"Phoenix CubesatĀ» It will focus on store Image 7 cities in the US via heat chamber. As an additional mission, Phoenix will capture the target of major events such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires and other cities outside the core mission.

Jaime and aerospace dream

After living in Mexico for 18 years, Jaime He joined the community ASU as an international student, to pursue his dream of opening space for human knowledge.

Far from just a student, young Mexican This has had an impact on the aerospace community. He is currently president of Sun Devil satellite laboratory, a student organization, which is engaged in design and development spacecraft and related technologies. Through this organization, she advocated the importance of understanding and space and its absorption.

Currently leads the mission consists of an interdisciplinary team of more than 60 students; The main objective of the project from the & # 39 is common knowledge that allows better structured city.

As the project manager, the young meets the challenge system engineerIncluding requirements for the development and validation, integration and testing of drivers, as well as the design and CubeSat structure of production.

In addition to being a prominent researcher, a young Mexican from & # 39 is graphic designer and sculptor.

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