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Jennifer Lopez and her incredible belly: actress wore a bikini


Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez shared her Instagram account one bikini picture in covering his spectacular belly.

Lopez, 49, published image that with 39 & # is wearing sunglasses and small pink bikini which he allowed to see his abs work, and the rest of the curves of her figure.

JLo said recording tape pickpocket and its image with the & # 39 is part of the characteristics of its "Ramon" symbolBut I did not give any details of the story. At the moment we know that the actress was the preparation of "pole dance" to interpret and is expected to be released in 2020. The movie

American star has almost 500,000 "love" in publishing and more than 7,000 comments in the main, they stress how good actress looks.

Next July, Jennifer Lopez will meet half-century and only a few weeks ago, I heard about your wedding engagement with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

During a trip to the beach, JLo boyfriend took the opportunity to ask her to marry, that was recorded in both social networks.

Over the years, Jennifer has gone from one novel to another, but went into the break with Dancer Casper Smart he decided to take time without a partner.

"I've always found solace in someone else", agreed in an interview with & # 39; w people"Rather than give me my time to heal and to be with me, I was so afraid that she was pregnant, it was" normally someone comes and helps me to forget that I feel a lot of pain. "

"I was terrified of being alone … that I found out that I can not love someone else, it is the love inside me, for me, to help me get ahead."

Alex Rodriguez, the star from the end of 2016.

JLo started a few weeks ago by Alex the call for ten days without eating sugar or carbohydrates.

Through your account Instagram, which has more than 90 million followers, JLo records progress in their diet.

In the same social network, he gave Jennifer talk about last January, when he published a photograph in which her face was without makeup or filters to send a message of self-acceptance and self-esteem.

In a 2010 interview & # 39; u Jennifer said "no Maginàs creams are not to be beautiful does not exist", but said that his biggest beauty tip: no sun, sleep, drink plenty of water, drink or smoke. "

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