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"Judge Bonadio floor El Palito, Christina does not charge for the weight of the books," said one of the lawyers of the former president – 2019/04/30


One of the lawyers of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said that he took the precaution with which published the memoirs of the former president, waiting for a possible request, but the publication of the increase.

"Judge Bonadio floor stick this timeBecause he knew he was going to go after royalties, copyrights, "said Gregorio Dalbon FM Futurock. He added that the former president "He is not got no weight in the book sincerely" and thus, "No weight can not return".

The lawyer said that the former president did not charge royalties and advance only when the revenue from sales, "Money will be available to justice, as it should be".

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The magistrate who carries forward the cause of laptops and other records, which experienced Senator Citizen Unit, asked the American publisher to send the agreement "within five days", and tells him that he Cristina dictated by the "general inhibition of goods", so the company " must refrain from making payments, "the former president of sales of his book.

"It's a bit silly that Bonadio wants to take back what is CristinaIt's like he wants to rule on the non-existence, "he said dryly.

The author takes from 5% to 12% of the total invoiced amount books for sale; on average, tend to be 10%, because the ceiling reaches him only the author, became bestsellers.

Given that the percentage of (10%)Due to the immediate success "Sincerely" sales since its debut at the book fair on the first three editions (60,000) at a price $ 600 for the book, the total amount, $ 36000000.

Thus, the gain will receive Cristina Kirchner, as the author would memoirs $ 3600000.

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«Bonadio books and publishers know that it makes a copy of the angle of the vagus nerve, and did not understand that Senator will take precautions and be available to justice royalties and copyright"She insisted the lawyer Cristina.

He explained that the inhibition of the goods are stored, so that the former head of state will not collect publications win.

Dalbon said that after the completion of the trial, which involved the former president, in which he noted that "innocent", the money you get from the book will be your property and it will certainly be a sacrifice Gut & # 39; ERES La Hospital dress-up, or any other institution.

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In the case of laptops, Judge Bonadio Cristina seized assets of 4 billion pesos, Having regard to the head of the illicit association dedicated to bribe government contractors. what Federal Court reduced the amount of the embargo 1.5 billion pesos.

Bonadio signed a letter on Monday, shortly before requesting the license for 15 days, a period that will be replaced by his colleague Sebastian Kasanello.

The former president returned to Cuba after visiting his daughter Florence, who is now with the assistance of the Center for Medical and Surgical Research at the Ministry of Health (CIMEQ).

"Unfortunately, it is to get treatment and until the level will not be able to go to Argentina"Said the lawyer Cristina Kirchner.

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