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Laban met with leaders Pichetto near Duhalde


Former Minister of Economy Nestor Kirchner and Duhalde. Roberto Laban, However, playing a secret about his candidacy, although developments in the field of political armed. This morning, when asked about his nomination for the presidency, said: "Why not be a candidate".

However, after this question – an answer, he added that the candidates will be completed later identified and that it is important "talk about people's problems".

Moreover, Laban came to Congress today rionegrino Senator Miguel Angel Pichette and then there were the legislator offices, where they met with the referent Buenos duhaldismo.

«Pichetto arming more than a year ago polling stations with leaders who know how to be men and women of former President Eduardo DuhaldeAmong which stand out exintendente de Avellaneda Baldomero «Cacho» Alvarez and national exmember Mabel Muller"Senator mouthpieces claimed according to the state information agency BODY.

Federal PJ Schiaretti and sent a signal to Macro, and Christine Laban, from La Rioja

During the day today, the two leader talked to 40 bonaerenses, seven constituencies of leaders of the province. They talked about the situation in the country as a whole, and in the province of Buenos Aires, among others.

"Next week we'll Black River and Neuquén. First, we see that the huge investments they make in the Vaca Muerta, and then we will go to IMVAP, which is a & # 39 is the most important technology companies"He predicted, meanwhile, Laban.

In addition, the former official criticized the current government "Inheritance remaining lame economy. With a sharp decline in employment and a major economic and social disorder "He also criticized the program Essential Prices At first he tried» Patch. "And then began:" To think that a few grams of meat Argentinian, which compromises the program or 64 products will solve the problem, It makes no sense " .

Chairman of Laban, As a political armed in the city and province

criticism of the mass. In the morning, Assistant Renewal Front, Sergio Massa, wrote on Twitter: «There are exceptional measures. Macro should call Cristina Kirchner, as the leader of the opposition greater parliamentary representation, and agrees with the way he finishes this command without further damage to Argentina".

Laban distanced itself from this statement: "If we create a space that escapes these two extremes This is something that both ends are still not successful".


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