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leader Raul Alfonsin in a new and turbulent period – 03/31/2019


Effect of shape memory Raúl AlfonsínTen years after his death, even the life of his troubled presidency, it is almost a miracle in Argentine politics that used to gobble up the numbers, reputation, projects, ideas and intentions. The image of former president wakes up today, in fact, that during his tenure They were not recognizedWhile at the same time, they are almost out reminders mistakes that condemned his government.

It is true that the disaster with the & # 39 are more memorable and Alfonsín was forced to resign in the background impressive economic fiascoRampant hyperinflation, nothing new under the sun, and the first looting that shocked all the social life of Argentina.

It is also true that the former president has not reached the government as the savior of the economy, even six years to create a direct economic boom, but as the guarantor of democracy in its infancy and tumbles, Chase is still active remnants of the military dictatorship, without limiting ourselves to a net Peronism, to start a new life with state terrorism, surrounded by a colossal foreign debt (eight billion dollars, when a military coup in March 1976, and forty billion at the end of the dictatorship) cornered in the trade union movement, in some cases, union leaders of the dictatorship in Argentina and isolated internationally after the Falkland war.

What is today called Alfonsin, and called as unique, it democratic quality of its managementHer efforts to implement the principles and values ​​of democracy defended remove, in some cases, with a romantic and naive spirit and on the basis of mutual tolerance, dialogue with the warring parties, which took forever, as legitimate opponents, not enemies, and his obsession with moderation when to defend their institutional prerogatives.

It is impossible to imagine Alfonsin in Argentina today. To give just one example, that Congress in 1983 He starred in the memorable debate (Not always a failure) as the external debt, or that preceded the adoption of the law on divorce, far from lawmakers «levantamanos», which submitted in recent years, the whims of the Executive inclined autocracy, something unthinkable in the years Alfonsin has always focused on the dialogue of government readiness, not in the creation of antagonism, as they send a "hand" in the "socialism of the XXI century" as the recipe "to gnash liberal democracy."

Raul Alfonsin, 30 October 1983 For Denmark

Raul Alfonsin, 30 October 1983 For Denmark

If the quality of democracy in Argentina did not fall, not this time to reward his military coups, tanks on the streets, the revolutionary statutes above the Constitution or omissions of political parties, but to act, or omission, a policy that took the enemy as enemies, to intimidate the free press, weakened the institutional protection of democracy, including the courts, intelligence and ethics office and appealed to the political parties in the laboratories of authoritarianism.

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It is also impossible to imagine Alfonsin in Argentina today social deterioration over the past thirty years & # 39 is the period that followed the resignation of Alfonsín: state-owned enterprises have been sold, an increase in corruption at the state level, as well as private, the gap between rich and poor was much higher I fell to the level of education and health, were fragile transportation, buses and trains became too brittle night exploded crime and law enforcement agencies weakened,

trying to coups military between 1987 to 1989 years, which has weakened the Alfonsin government, they mutated into alliances and betrayals with these groups during the administration of Men and during Kirchner as possible in an attempt to include in the army, through the internal espionage in the institutionalization of policies and the party-government project.

All incredibly during Alfonsin today seems to enjoy great prestige than those who supervised him twice.

Raul Alfonsin, 30 October 1983 For Denmark

Raul Alfonsin, 30 October 1983 For Denmark

Outbreak of institutional corruption also makes it inconceivable for Alfonsin yesterday today. Here are a few examples:

-The creation of front companies to sell state jumpsuit or diluted milk.

-The order of bribes to foreign companies to establish mechanisms for strengthening.

-First suitcases full of money, possibly drug passing through the Ezeiza and in the eyes of the customs chief, who did not speak Spanish, but they were husband and sister Secretary hearings president Rosado.

-The arms smuggling to Europe and the fraternal countries of the continent at war with the other fraternal countries.

-The bombing military factory as a plan to erase the evidence of such smuggling.

-The request bribes multinational computer & # 39; yuteryzavats 535 branches Banco Nacion.

-The Scandals in Pami.

-The payment of bonuses officials with money in the budget for security.

-The judge related to the government target on a napkin minister.

-The attempt to bribe senators to approve the law on the reform of the trade unions.

-The financial siege of government savings.

-The murder of five people around the Plaza de Mayo, twenty across the country during the crackdown after the "korrality".

-The institutional failure of the six presidents in one week.

-The drug planes private companies.

-The bags with dollars hung in the bathrooms of the ministries.

-The foreign agents who were trying to enter the country.

-More bags with dollars.

-The dollar purchases a devaluation of former President Nestor Kirchner.

-The overstatement in public works.

-The triple murder ephedrine.

-The attempt vice president to take over the company currency printer.

-The purchase of scrap as reliable trains.

-The scam Shared Dreams under the rule.

-Officials that revolearon bags loaded with dollars and a gun in the monastery, which was not in the monastery.

-The requirement to pay bribes to entrepreneurs, an entomologist faithfully recorded the driver and known today as the "cause" laptops.

All would have been unthinkable in the days of Alfonsín facing corruption case to disqualify, the import of chicken from Hungary. one case presented in the form of corruption and that it was notWho came to say that the chickens came from Chernobyl and served as a social lynching of the former president.

Raul Alfonsin, October 30, 1983 you have just found out who won and elected president. Walk through the gardens of Don Torcuato hugging her daughter Marcela. After the tribute

Raul Alfonsin, October 30, 1983 you have just found out who won and elected president. Walk through the gardens of Don Torcuato hugging her daughter Marcela. After the tribute

Alfonsin had an obsession: to give the leadership in 1989, another civilian president, enshrined in a free election. A "social from the & # 39; reality" that Argentina has not happened since 1928, Marcelo T. de Alvear relinquished command in Hipolito Yrigoyen.

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Alfonsin did, in the hands of Carlos MenemAnd thus he became the first civilian president in the history of the Argentine side to the other civilian president of another political party. In Argentina, it was also unthinkable that the reason for this, the president refused to give the symbolism of power to his successor, Cristina Fernandez, as it was in 2015.

also have been unthinkable in those years, figures published by the appalling poverty only IISP, thirty-two percent, which is equivalent to thirteen million Argentines, one million seven hundred thousand of them poor added over the past three years, more than two million people in total poverty.

A huge economic crisis, growing social tensions, selective reduction of the main political parties, also damage the quality of democracy and supposedly contributes to charismatic leaders.

Among the tributes dedicated to the former president today, some would be interesting what was done in those days Alfonsin.

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