Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Learn how to make a human being "invisible" for mosquitoes


A team of US researchers has discovered how to make people prove that invisible to mosquitoes. Implementation of the results of recent studies repellents can improve to 50 percent.

After the study, biologists have found that the smell of sweat of our acid compounds plays a key role in the selection of insects. With this data, they found a way to turn people into "invisible" for the mosquitoes.

"The mosquitoes have olfactory co-receptor known as Lr8a. Al desproveerlos this function sentirn less attracted to people. This discovery opens up new approaches to the development of mosquito repellents more efficient, "explained study author Matthew DeGennaro,

It added: "TURN OFF Lr8a function, we have eliminated 50 percent of the search activity of mosquitoes if we find the flavors, masking it goes, we will strengthen the effectiveness of repellents and thus disappear people as possible Huspedes these insects. ".

"It will also be used to make attractive in order to ward off mosquitoes, where the people and even the design of traps," he concluded.

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