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Legendary Pokmon arrive unawares Pokmon GO



Once, according to some players, Niantic He confirmed that Legendary Pokmon Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit estarn available in Pokmon GO to be caught in the wild.

"Hmm. We get reports of unidentified PokmonProfessor Willow ? In studying these reports, avsenos, if he finds something out of the ordinary in #PokemonGO┬źNiantic acompaando wrote a letter to the curious way three Pokmon.

In fact, shortly after the publication of this tweet, Asian players have to He was able to capture Uxie in nature. it for the first time Niantic allows coaches to grab wildly legendary Pokmon: Above only get circumcised Incursiones or after the completion of fieldwork.

Pokmon in your city

Pokmon GO current IOS and Android is available for free, but contains micropayments, This is a game that allows users to capture your favorite creatures while walking through their cityWe recommend you check out our guide to give away everything in its path to become a Pokmon master.

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