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Many tires: baby teeth can save lives |


Perez mouse in trouble. A study conducted by the US National Center for Biotechnology, baby teeth can help save lives.

To date, if the child falls baby tooth, which is usually done is to put a piece under his pillow and said character takes it in exchange for a gift. But the custom can be (again) been refuted by science.

The above study shows that milk teeth It contains stem cells that were less susceptible to environmental damage valuable for the regeneration of new cells in other parts of the body, according to AWM site.

This is the mother of baby teeth cells can be used in many medical procedures that may even save a child's life in the future.

Stem cells have the capacity to become any cell in the body, so its existence with & # 39; is the main treatment sur & # 39; oznyh diseases such as cancer.

Currently, bone marrow, as the primary source of stem cells are used, but with a & # 39 is the body of heavy access. Why milk teeth also contain, which can be helpful.

In addition to anti-cancer stem cells can be used for the regeneration of bone tissue, nerve cell regeneration to prevent heart attacks, liver regeneration, the regeneration treatment of diabetes or eye tissue. And new species are found every year.

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