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Marcelo Longobardi: "Cristina Kirchner has been an obsession with me, was very tense," – 2018/12/06

journalist Marcelo Longobardi According to him, former President Cristina Kirchner had "an obsession with him," which was intercepted and that during the Kirchner was a time when "more pressure" received.

"For kilometers there was a time when the more pressure I received. Moreover, I, who was quite ill during the Men era, does not compare with the family Kirchner. I never thought largar all, if you create a lot of stress. I realized that the level of stress that is generated in me when they went to it as a plug-in, they were very intense years .. we have come to work in the radio with a bar & # 39; Jeremiah, with a fenced street, because there was an atmosphere of violence with the radio " said Longobardi We Grandes (TN).

He added: "At a time when Mrs. Kirchner stopped agarrársela as the Todo Noticias and began to grab the wrong radio Mitra me and Jorge Lanata, it was like an obsession she had with me, I took a critical stance with Kirchner. "Day one.

He said that he was spying, "We are passing through a very difficult situation Daniel Hadads. I, for example, when he had to make a presentation at the beginning of the era Kirchner audience in Puerto Madero, when most of the press was delighted Kirchner– Kirchner and the next day he sent transcription is critical of Daniel Hadad folder. I have seen. Thus, we started. We're talking about 2003, 2004, 2005 ".

Longobardi, obsessive execution

In another part of the report, more color, Longobardi talked about his history, his family & # 39; and even order their daughters to have a dog at home. Why was he denied a journalist? Mainly because it is defined as an obsessive manner. So, from the program, they have shown a series of images directly from your home: an orderly, neat, with the same size desktop pencils; shoes, sorted by name, the rowers are sorted by color. And he heard a living, a different order of his daughters, who flatly rejected: that Boca fan made.

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