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Maria Eugenia Vidal does not adhere to the protocol Patricia Bullrich but he rejects criticism Carrio – 2018/12/06

Governor María Eugenia Vidal intervened to change the open debate yielded after a new protocol for the security forces, made by Minister Patricia Bullrich. Taking this position as much criticism from Carrió Lilita, he said "internal democracy" in the ruling coalition.

"I do not agree with Lilith Carrió"Have you seen the new protocol says criticism of the deputy. At the same time, he found a way to see the positive side of the voltage changes within us. "I welcome the internal democracy, the president has allowed in its own political space," he said,

Seen to justify the failure to take the protocol on its territory: "In the case of Buenos Aires province, we already have a law in force since 2006, which defines clearly how to operate the use of firearms by the police, the regulation is very similar to what you have just Bullrich Minister did. "

In any case, the Governor emphasized the general consensus changes Come on this issue: "The Minister Bullrich, President (Mauricio Macri), Minister (Cristian) Ritondo, I agree, as a team we need to give tools to the police for law enforcement officers".

On the fight against insecurity in the province, a kind of said … "The number of complaints rose by 60% does not want to hide anything when we arrived, there were police officers who had never thrown a shot or ran vests key is to not only take the working poor, as to give a clear signal that works well".

Vidal tried to mitigate the conflict. Carrió «also has the right to express their opinion," he said. And it may well express Macro any dissent, even face to face. "The President with the & # 39 is a very approachable person when Carrio wants to talk to him is only called. Always open your schedule to meet with us, "said the governor.

"Deep in the values, the President and I will always agree. I have been working 16 years with her, "closed Vidal, after returning to ensure that there will be a presidential candidate.

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