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Marie Claire | Botox: 10 things you did not know botulinum toxin


You think about infiltrarte to remove wrinkles, but you are afraid to finish it face ice obscure 100 percent? The first thing you need to know that Botox is not a & # 39 is constant. As hyaluronic acid, it disappears in a few months. Secondly, it is not called "Botox", ie trade mark – what is known as a metonymic designation brand commercially but botulinum toxin that is a & # 39 is the correct form to refer to this medicine.

Dra. Ana Roces Medical Affairs of Spain and Portugal, aesthetics, we have decided to doubt the capital 10 of botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox).

What is the "Botox," right?

"Botulinum toxin is a drug which is made from a culture of a microorganism, Clostridium botulinum, similarly prepared as vaccines."

In some cases, it is not recommended?

"Only in certain muscle disease accompanied by motor disorders or in cases of infection or inflammation at the proposed site of John & # 39;. Ektsyi"

There is a minimum age?

"Specifications of the drug that research approve the drug have been performed in patients under the age of 18 and 65, although it is the physician who must decide whether or not to inject their patients."

Preventive Botox: Reality or sales strategy?
"Prevention of results, achieved not produce some wrinkles, start early, so not having to get really eliminate wrinkles

What if Botox goes wrong?

"With proper injection technique and using the correct dose you should not go wrong, but in any case, its effect lasts for 3 or 4 months."

Can you pass the botulinum toxin?
"This doctor, who must always show the correct amount. When we place ourselves in the hands of a good specialist should not be used more than adequate dose, as with & # 39; dose being well defined. "

Will I regret that I can? Is there a way to correct infiltration?

"The results are usually very good, just to see which one & # 39 is the most widely used medical aesthetic treatments worldwide. You can make changes to correct minor details, but in any case, after about 4 months of treatment, the effect disappears. "

As we know, when we abuse the toxin?

"The use of botulinum toxin should provide a natural result to create a refreshed and relaxed look, very good. If you & # 39 with a face "frozen" it is clear that the treatment has been exaggerated. "

Benefits of Botox in the long term

"Relaxed and rested appearance, even if you are a & # 39; yavitsesya at night exhausted and younger and wrinkles with & # 39; the appearance of the photographs really noticeable."

Before using botox, it is important to know that …

"This drug, which gives him strict regulation, which makes it a safe and effective product, health authorities support it."

This note was originally published in Marie Claire Spain site.

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