Saturday , December 5 2020

Marseille Polino swears that he had witnessed a miracle among the baptism daughter Luciana Salazar and says that he has evidence, "I have a picture"

¿Divine intervention? Marcelo Polino described religious experience as a miracle at the time of baptism MatildaHer goddaughter and daughter luciana Salazar.

The driver gave an interview to & # 39; w, where he says that the girl behaved and charming He explained the supernatural event that was him as a witness.

"I'll tell you one thing, the story, because I was a girl not to go, and I drove Luciana He said …" It is better to go to the baptism, because between them, which weigh 20 kg wet, we will not be able to raise "He explained to the journalist involved and imitate the gait of the child.

Dancing jury left all numb little reaction Mathilde baptized: "A child resting on a bench and walked out! I swear. I have a picture. It was a miracle, very interesting. "

Believe it or bust!

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