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Matthias said Fiy fan who attacked micro Boca: «I took something and I had to throw a bottle" – 2018/12/06

"I'm not a bar. It takes something and I had to give up the bottle. I'm sorry. " With these words, accompanied by a cry that shook the court Berutti 3345, Nicolas Matias Sebastian Firpo pleaded guilty to assaulting micro Boca on Saturday November 24 at the corner of Lidoro Quinteros and Libertador. 31 Turner refused to testify on Wednesday, when fiscal Adriana Bellavigna quoted a signed statement. Abbreviated test led to an agreement and lsentence of 2 years and 4 months suspended sentence for this river fan, one of those responsible for the attack on the players Xeneizes.

Firpo said Tennessee and he expressed the same way as he did against Bellavigna. "I go to court with friends and family & # 39; it. It was a time when I could not control the impulse that I'm sorry, because I know that I was wrong, "said the driver. And he took the attack, although he has given the shortcomings with the police. "It's painful to go through with it, I do not do these things, they were all failures, operation, and every person who makes a mistake, as I" Balls explained. ". I always go on the Quinteros and police cut on the street going to a lot people there, because let no one pass never thought we were going to stick micro where and when it came it was a disaster .. " River and decided that his removal as a partner.

Firpo, when he was arrested at his home in La Matanza.

Firpo, when he was arrested at his home in La Matanza.

A few hours ago, his lawyer Ricardo Vallejos was refused bar. "No part of any group. He did not see that people started shooting and was hooked. It is not the violence and has no history, "said the lawyer, who praised the work of researchers. He added: "He showed repentance, and the judge took into account that it is a good man, with a stable family & # 39; and her work." In the words of his lawyer, Firpo changed its appearance: he cut his hair and shaved his beard. On Saturday, wearing a red hat and sunglasses. It was filmed entering Tribune Centennial High. And even if the house is located in Lomas del Millon, La Matanza, it has nothing to do with west Groupdissident faction Los-Borrachos del Tablon.

Firpo can not come close to the monumental, much less enter the stadium, and can not be present on any massive sporting event during his condemnation. "His life was over, like a fan"This was announced by the prosecutor to horn, In addition, you must do 180 hours of community service and progress of urban life. It must be submitted on Thursday to be informed of his sentence. If you want to leave the country, you must request permission in a criminal court of crimes and misdemeanors number 28.

Judge Maria Hooley Correa gave rise to the request for the conclusion of the prosecutor. Vallejos asked for probation. Bellavigna refused. "No, he could take over the Quilombo, the armed and the number of people hurt"They slipped in pursuit. Firpo did not want to risk a court, which could result in a sentence of 2 to 6 years. If the fault has exceeded 3 are subjected to serve his sentence in prison. He will be charged for damage and minor injuries for the violation of the law of sport 23184.

Justice has been falling more sensitive female body surrounded his son with sparklers. Although L.G.M. Only the full name of the neighbor's initials took Villa del-Parque- gunpowder fireworks, met the prosecutor considered an aggravating relationship and were sentenced to 2 years and 8 months suspended, Also in an abbreviated trial for the crime of endangering the lives of other people. Unlike mechanical turner, he was referred to psychological treatment.

Firpo This is not a scapegoatThere are more violent identified a judicial investigation body, but need more evidence to order the arrest. In case of mechanical turner I found disturbing elements. They showed them on Wednesday when he wept, but refused to testify.

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