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Mauro Viala interview & # 39; th Rodrigo Eguillor and criticized by Eduardo Feynman – 2018/06/12

Rodrigo Eguillor, Son of tax, was released on Thursday after spending a night in Alcaidía III La Plata judge Horacio RhyB. He was convicted of sexual abuse girls as young as 22 in his department. While Eguillor, 24, is accused of abuse, false imprisonment and injury of 22 years, the cause of his arrest -And then excarcelaron– resistance to power when they are detained in the airport of Ezeiza, when he wanted to go to see the Superclásico in Madrid.

In this regard, Eguillor gave an interview to & # 39; nd in the afternoon in the program Mauro Viala in A24, where he defended himself against chargesHe was dressed in the same clothes with which he was arrested: Jean shorts, green shirt and a jacket with openings. He said that such things as the girl who condemned the "bad psychologically," wanted to publish the name of the girl and asked, "Why would not I choose to talk to talk, because society condemns me for what I did"

Viala, in an interview with & # 39; w, he asked questions like: "I always look at the monitor. Were you raised it? Do you feel good? You are relaxed now … you see what I told you? You all my life to be good? ". Or: "Do you want his old chapear, when you said to call my mom?". The defendant laughed, touched her hair.

Although the report takes place, the abdication of the driver and multiply Eguillor networks. Laura UbfalFor example, he began, "I should take this shit, and let them say brutality to note 2.7, Mauro Viala?". horse Ansaldi He said, "that there is no hope for Mauro Viala has always been, is and will impresentable he and many others get tired of talking … People do not change just to learn how to hide.". Angel de Brito, Meanwhile, it was nice to the driver: "In #DiaDelProductor Viala Mauro is one of the best in this office."

Meanwhile, American TV, he was in the wrong -What studies lado– sharply criticized the prosecutor's son. "He likes to be recognized. It's killing me the need to be a celebrity this guy, he's happy. He believes that he is a celebrity, moves like a celebrity, "said Moria Casan.

But then he came Edward Feynman, on the same channel, torn Viala: "I feel disgust, anger, disgust, anger, a lot of things, just breathing the air breathed abuser Eguillor, which was 5 minutes ago sitting here accused by many women, and many of them minors, accusing him in you if any abused violated, as a young woman who is going to be thrown out or going to pull the balcony, this disgusting character, which is represented in some affection. "

He added: "it is disgusting to be told:" Put yourself in my place, "Who can put on your site, no waste can not put on your shoes, trash say that rapists have psychiatric problems, you will talk about it …? a liar, a psychopath, you have left the faculty in 2015, he never gave a final, never, I'll check with Kraduellami, donkey abuser. "

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