Saturday , December 5 2020

Max Kirchner made allegations of sexual abuse in Campora

Maximo Kirchner was first referred to the prosecution of sexual violence against leaders Lee Campora, who met in recent days. "It can not be an ordeal for companions"Said the son of former President Cristina Kirchner.

"We have to be better. This may not be an ordeal for military partners in the union and political organizations. They must have all the necessary guarantees "Says Maxim Kirchner.

Next, the deputy began to critique the media: "Let those who are not a commodity, we women had to flee with moralizing shell and ethics."

"Political, social, cultural and trade union organizations should take responsibility, he argues, as a group of women," he said during an act of Citizen Unity in La Plata.

Stephanie Kahlo, a young woman who was active in La Campora, Romero said he locked her in the bathroom during a party, showed him his penis, and he wanted to get her to practice her oral sex.

Nicholas told how three members of the group a few years, they groped in the march and sent a lewd phone messages in the following days in 2015. Thus, the young man said Alejandro and Albert Monson and his cousin Nicholas «Chimbu» Abregu, three members of La Campora Hurlingham.

According to the applicant's testimony, the incident occurred July 1, 2015, during one of the last years of Cristina Kirchner as president of Argentina. This appointment was unique, that hundreds of government supporters entered the courtyard of Government House to welcome the then president from one of the balconies.

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