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meningitis case exposed the lack of vaccines

Griselda Acuna

By Griselda Acuna [email protected]

meningitis cases reported Samic light Eldorado
anxiety in society, especially in the north of Misiones, and gave
in the periodic request for vaccine availability
in primary care Health Centers (Caps), and
in hospitals. The response was very encouraging: the nation fails
dose shipping, leading to shortages in
Situation sur & # 39; oznaga given that meningitis can
lead to disability or even death. it
inflammation of the meninges, the protective membranes have
brain. It is because of the complexity of the disease since 2015
Argentina joined the Immunization immunization schedule
against the bacteria causing the disease known as meningococcus.
"He is supposed to regulate the distribution in February 2019 only a year
meningitis vaccine ", confirmed in the territory of
Provincial Health Ministry. While in August last year,
Nation decided to stay reinforcing children 11 guaranteed
let it be used in infants from three to fifteen months.
The reality is the original commitment. In San Pedro, for example,
until two weeks ago, it was not shot in the hospital area and during
in the last few days we arrived.
At present, the officials appropriated dose
a minimum and do not know the reason for the delay
The Ministry of Health, headed by Adolfo Rubinstein. Another fact that
It agreed that this means that there will now be arriving in trucks Mission
a certain margin, however – admitieron-, unable to
meet the public demand. "Once you get the vaccine,
They will be redistributed in the major vaccination centers located
in hospitals of different cities, but not in the cap "
they said.
Being, positive for meningococcal (meningococcus)
It has two months and hospitalized in Eldorado
It has two months.
Studies of patients who were given to medical sources,
They have shown that the presence of meningococcus type B (considered the most serious & # 39; oznym), whose
Strain entirely covered by the free vaccination. calendar
Argentine officer actually only protects against four of the five
serotypes (A, C, W, Y), containing bacteria. However, pharmacies
Bexsero have a vaccine to attack the type of meningococcus B, which
It has a value of 2800 pesos.

Another failure Nation

Lack of meningitis vaccines is another failure
National Health System. A few months ago, at a meeting
The Federal Board of Health (COFESA), Office ordered arbitrarily
uninstall support of meningitis in children under the age of 11 years
The move follows a policy that was challenged by the provinces.
Only in Misiones is estimated that between 22 to 25 thousand children will
Provincial Health Minister Walter Villalba, expressed
after the liberation of the determination of the national government: "They
She decided to suspend the second dose, which is 11 years, which would eliminate the
state media at the earliest; It's part of the cuts. "
plant health has been a constant year, whether the victim in
Doctors Community or disappearance Remediar plan program.
The vaccine, of Menveo brand that came in last year's calendar
national, free binding indication for the two groups: children
Three months (up to fifteen receive three doses) and
children under the age of 11 years. Although it is possible to reduce the negative impact
context of spending cuts, says about the context of health
extremely complex.
"Anything that makes vaccination scheme & # 39 is complicated. It does not prevent
Immune disease, increases the risk of infection
disease. "


babyWhile suspended Nation last August for reinforcements
children under the age of 11, guaranteed dose group
the risk referred to between 3 and 15 months.

New initial dose: It is expected that today's session arrives
a new supply of vaccine, which will apply only to
the main centers of vaccination on Monday.

gratuitousnessThe vaccine has been included in the national calendar
Vaccination in 2015. It is a free application, and there is no need
medical appointment.


Infections caused by meningococcus bacteria in
(Meningococcus) produces very sur & # 39; oznae disease that can occur
such as meningitis, bacteremia, sepsis and meningococcemia, a high risk
sur & # 39; serious and irreversible consequences, especially neurological. between
10 to 20% of the patients hearing loss,
convulsions, hydrocephalus, neurological retardation, amputation
members and bedsores, which require transplantation, and death.
Invasive meningococcal infection (EMI), presents a challenge
public health in many countries where they are produced 500000
cases annually, mostly among children under the age of two (2) years
old. 100% of these cases require hospitalization and fall into
50,000 deaths per year from this cause.
In Argentina, they are recorded from 200 to 300 cases a year. speed
National disease is approximately 0.75 cases / 100,000 inhabitants.
100% of cases require hospitalization. This is a severe infection
It has a 10% mortality with. For a year die from 15 to 20 children, it
disease. Age group most advanced disease, including
up to 5 years, basically 12 months.

Dose worth 3,400 pesos in pharmaciesfrom college
PHARMACEUTICALS mission noted that pharmacies have
Menactra vaccine, which is aimed at children between the ages of nine months. "It's a little
face, but this is achieved, and is covered with a variety of public works "
He held a dialogue with the territory Patricio Schiavo, president
The tour of the premises can save Posadas
The vaccine in question, in the age group, which is now unprotected,
It costs 3,400 pesos.
In addition, although the free distribution of fixtures has been canceled
against meningitis in the private sector has a margin for
target population whose dose is about 2300 peso. And it covers four
"There are two vaccines in pharmacies: Menveo, leaving 2,300 pesos
It has coverage of 100 per cent in the case of some public works
or discount, depending on the pre-paid; and there are others who for
different serotypes, called Bexsero. It covers a lot of serotype
more aggressive and is worth about 2,800 pesos or so, "he explained
Schiavo, in particular with respect to the booster vaccine.
Ultimately, the decision to make changes to
Vaccination is not nothing but a blow to the primary health
Argentina Society of Vaccinology and Epidemiology (Save) were
He issued a statement to express its rejection of the measures
The national government. "Primary prevention with vaccines
public policy, which has been consolidated in our country
constituting conclusive results in preventing
disease, "they warned.

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