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Message to the Crimson Circle: Dome PRO collect picture "to ratify the nomination" Mauricio Macri – 04/30/2019


In times of volatility in the exchange rate, macrismo dome sought to give a message of unity and rally for the candidate Mauricio Macri reelectionHe was at the meeting where the main balls from three areas governed PRO-pack, and led to the photos collected weight. He unemployment, more directed Red CircleFrom where insists the appointment of María Eugenia I saw the famous "Plan V»; that opponents guilds.

I saw the Chief of Staff, Marcos Peña; and the head of the city government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, head, gathered for lunch Monday 12 employees Frontline Nation, the city and regionIn what was a kind of national PRO extended table. The house of the provincial security minister, Cristian Ritondo, for the nation were also Interior Minister Rogelio FRIGERIO and his deputy, Sebastian Garcia de Luca; and Secretary General of the Presidency, Fernando de Andreis. They came from La Plata, Buenos Aires Chief of Cabinet, Federico SALVAI; Government Minister, Joaquin de la Torre; Mayor Vicente Lopez, Jorge Macro.

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With Larreta, for the city, I sat on the table deputy head of the government, Diego Santilli; and the owner of the legislature Francisco Quintana. only absentee was the president of PRO-pack and a national senator Humberto SchiavoniWho he was in Misiones, he doomed his company to the post of governor.

"Everyone is working together reelection # MM2019» summarized cousin Macro to tweet and photographic sense of the meeting. Indeed, the opportunity to do so earlier in the week in which the government poluchaetsa strong support from the International Monetary Fund in an attempt to prevent the dollar from the shooting, he obeyed the need for Cash Rosada leave speculation about the candidacy in the Macro. "It was just," he was sincere, one of the main heroes of the meeting Pena, almost as a manager himself made this approach to other guests.: "You have to ratify the candidacy Macro".

In any case, there will be more forward. this meeting It was the first of several what will happen in the coming weeks to the closed list. As in 2017, at the table, they will be completed to determine the lists of deputies and senators who hang candidacy in Macro.

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"The message we wanted to give that We are all candidates for MauritiusOr with the & # 39 is a company at any time, in spite of the comments made in the media, another possibility has been discussed, "said one of the visitors.

Maybe the world is motivated by the exchange on Saturday, weather & # 39; e was more quiet than usual: no tension in recent weeks, not flying over the link between Peña, Vidal and warned Larreta"There was no room for discussion: there was no question even the names for the lists," he relativized another hero Read more:. Vidal was the first to occupy the post of and comply with the request Peña Event Tuesday it became clear that it is "accompanied bonaerenses. . and the president for the next four years "Tuesday will add attachments that are ready to deliver". Harry's heart "

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Therefore, at the meeting of the dome, inside the radical Civil Union was the ruler, but only at the provincial level. That was when SALVAI vice-governor, Daniel Salvador, he realized in Buenos Aires area support radicalism is not in doubt.

Nationally, it was noted that the final form of less stony than before about the & # 39; shew made macro contain the radical governors Peña with & # 39 appeared optimistic about what will happen in the National Convention. Perhaps because of mistrust, no one dared to talk against the priests Alfredo CORNEJO and Gerardo Morales.

Among the meat and salad, with a small amount of light wine and many drinks (this was made to accompany the Minister of the host in its diet), national officials said the details of the government economic measures adopted to control the dollar. "The balance has been very fruitful. Marcos claimed that, despite the volatility, it should stabilize"It is a confidential meeting vote.


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