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Miguel San Martin, Argentine working at NASA: "Now our goal is to return to the moon, but to stay!"


"NASA wants to return to the moon with the astronauts, when they did not come in 2024, it will be in 2028, Donald Trump is trying to convince Congress to appropriate money for the project." – said electronics engineer. Miguel San Martin (60), from Huntsville, Alabama, in a dialogue with information.

"Perhaps the citizens of the pressure on the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the arrival of man on the moon, exerting pressure," – emphasizes Argentinian who works 35 years ago in the laboratory of NASA's Jet Propulsion in Los Angeles.

"The celebration is to restore hope to return … Because bored, it's been fifty years, and we no longer go to the moon!"Miguel adds on twenty-minute stop between meetings, conferences and dinners.

Miguel was born on January 6, 1959 in the family summer ranch Villa Regina, Rio Negro, I grew up in the federal capital and attended Pin Nnaindustryyalnym college in Almagro. In 1982, he left for the United States and was awarded with a degree cum laude in Electronics at the University of Syracuse (Syracuse University). Since then he has worked at NASA and lives in Pasadena, Los Angeles, with Susan, his wife of nearly 35 years ago. He has two daughters, Samantha (32) and Madeleine (26).

"Now I am in the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. It is one of the NASA centers, which specializes in the production of missiles. Wernher von Braun, A pioneer in the development of military rockets, that if Germany lost the war, brought to the United States – along with many other compatriots – and to apply their knowledge in the NASA center. Now I'm going to go to a party at the hotel with German cuisine on the 50th anniversary of the landing of the Moon "- indicates Miguel, who speaks of the moon with the same enthusiasm with which he had seen the Nile arrival Armstrong July 20, 1969, when he was ten years old and the apartment in Palermo.

– What do you remember about this moment?

– I remember a walk, but did not land, because they did not pass. While sometimes the link did not leave a live and direct. The satellite does not work. I was in my house, on the streets Arenales and Bustamante. It was night. We sat in the dining room in front of a black and white television with my sister and parents. My old, who went to the tissue planes, was fascinated. I remember that it does not look good. The figures were almost transparent.

-What did you feel watching the arrival of man on the moon?

I am concerned that the last step of the stairs was too high. Child (Neil Armstrong) is gone, and I thought: "Now no longer get up", I found out later that a mistake (on the ship) falls on the shock absorbers and when they go down, the ladder below. But they made it so soft that the staircase was at a distance of one meter. Indeed, one of the first things that made the child was the jump to see if he can come back. And so, I could, but it was high. But on the moon gravity less. I remember when they planted the flag, For us it was a bit of a surprise, my mother commented: "Well, that's okay, in the end, they deserve it." Because we all saw it as a beacon of humanity, but those who put the flag, they were. When I went to bed, I was clear that I had just seen something historic. Before I was interested in space, but after seeing the arrival of man on the moon, much more!

Why do you think that we have not returned to the moon?

-Because it's very expensive. This country has spent a lot. This story is not an opinion: they came to the moon to win the competition with the Soviet Union. The mission was designed to put the flag back and leave marksBut the price is such that they can not continue to develop the necessary technology for a return. Thus, they played to make the space station to the ferry in order to reduce the cost of launch and flight, anywhere. But rocket can not be used again, and the costs have not decreased. They did not use the right technology.

– It was fundamentally an economic problem …

Yes, but people wanted to go to Mars. And the rod has become so high that it is never pulled. It was impossible to do over again, what did John F. Kennedy: "In ten years, we are doing it." Politicians like Mars. They promise and never give. But no one knows ten years later, that they were not given … Hot botanists say: "Let's go to Mars." But many of us think: "We're not going to go anywhere if we keep the idea of ​​Mars!" Therefore, the idea is to re-focus on the moon. Now you can think about the restoration of the entire rocket to use it again.

Why would it be possible now, if it was not 50 years old?

Expenses decreased because everything is done under one roofAs with cars, and Ford, and it made them cheaper. also, Amazon baby (referring to Jeff Bezos) throws from the pocket millions of dollars a year, so that we can return to the moon. The idea is that at last the cost of rockets reduced, although it is very expensive, which makes NASA for manned part. The goal is to return to the moon, but to stay.

– Yes, go after renewable infrastructure investments that help to keep it. For four years it will be $ 20 billion. And one of the questions that have changed the landscape – that's what it turned out that there is water on the moon. Then you can make fuel and not to take it from here, it's worth a lot, The key is that we look at the moon with a new angle. One of the '60s will no longer work.

-Because now have new players Elon MuskWith his company SpaceX Falcon Heavy with, and & # 39; Jeff Bezos & # 39;That puts pressure on the whole aerospace industry. also, There are Chinese who are willing to challenge the United States who want to put people on the moon at the end of the next decade. They are building a giant rocket. In this sense, they – the new Soviet Union.

-What are you doing these days in space flight Marshall?

– I came for two reasons. The main thing is to participate in the advisory group of some children who work on the missile project, which has not yet been approved by one hundred percent: Mars Sample ReturnBecause next year the ship will go to Mars, to take samples, but it will take them, put them in Tahiti and leave them on the surface. The idea of ​​the specimen sample Mars mission is to send another rover to descend, look for Tahiti and put them into a rocket that will leave their orbit, so that the spacecraft – probably European – will take them and bring to Earth. Today I finished the last conversation. But tomorrow I will meet with the children, working on the mission to the moon to return in 2024. With them, I had several meetings on the conference call, at last we meet in person. I mean, I went to Alabama to Mars, but I am going to use it to meet me on the moon. In the end, that's what …

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