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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico says Guaid already has the support of 25 senior army officers


The Government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador maintains its neutral stance on the crisis in Venezuela, under the premise that for months, seems to go corporizndose: continue the process of political expansion, Venezuela do almost every possible scenario has been negotiating neutral. Of course, it may not be in those countries which supported NICOLS Maduro, not where they are recognized Juan Guaid.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard consider before taking AMLO- always in dialogue with Mexico that the strategy should be ultra-neutral in the region, some balance between Zheyr Bolsonaro, which considered a new Trump NICOLS Maduro and Latin. "Marcellus more than the calculation of a more convenient time for reading and script: in fact, in the short and medium term, the dialogue between the parties profit, necessarily," explained one of the staff of the Chancellor Paul.

"If not now calling for elections, after a possible increase in civilian or military clashes in Venezuela Guaid In case of transfer of power, they will need to discuss the transition that will occur with the control Chavistas. – perseguirn dejarn go on – .. And in this case, the dialogue did not find the mediators of passes that were made in one side or another, but with a neutral, that & # 39 is the reading of the chancellor, "he added month ATRS the same source, in the middle of critical support for the proposed regime 4T Chavez.

PAUL confirmed sources Itamaraty -The Chancellor brasilea-, that 25 Venezuelan military pidierone Tuesday STE refuge in the Brazilian embassy in Caracas.

Now, even after the announcement of Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, Lopez Obrador's office disseminated information, that is, at least 25 senior members of the Chavista army that play in favor of the absorption Juan Guaid. In fact, the war accompanying Guaid already started to identify with the blue scarf.

PAUL sources confirmed Itamaraty -The Chancellor brasilea-, that 25 Venezuelan military on Tuesday asked for asylum in the Brazilian Embassy in Caracas.

This scenario occurs again, that the conflict is still latent, even if Maduro gets to suppress this uprising. "It is possible that Venezuela will definitely become a closed dictatorship, I only then negotiate delayed," explained 4T floor office.

Ebrard I issued a statement Tuesday, calling for peace and dialogue is, against the background of the shocking images of army tanks, stepping on the protesters. Incidents have been reported in several cities and an Internet connection, a serious & # 39; serious shortcomings.

Russia apoy Maduro, while China maintains silence

Guaid released his latest video with a military base, accompanied by uniformed soldiers who acompaaron in the liberation of his former political boss, Leopoldo Lopez. But tpica meditica war in these cases, Maduro said the information that the major generals remain loyal to his government, but an ace pushed a strong mobilization of the so-called people's militia, which the troops armed with military means government.

According to the diplomat, he explained the scheme, currently head of the Southern Command Pentngono Admiral Craig Faller, were in Colombia. Fuller said last week that the US is ready to intervene in Venezuela.

In that sense, geopoltico, Sputnik circuit, not far from the Kremlin, said that the Russian military-close is in Venezuela will not participate in the capital city of any confrontation. China, meanwhile, has 150 troops, but this government, unlike Russia, has still not spoken publicly in favor of the Chavez regime.

At the last meeting in Colombia in late February, US Vice President, Mike Pence told him that it was necessary Guaid, that l will control at least part of the territory of Venezuela, information that has been found Paul.

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