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Miracle: Argentina beat Brazil discounts, removed, and still in the race on Sat 17


Celebration Bruno Amione, author of the third goal Argentina Credit: Screenshot TyCSports

Sub 17 was elected from South America in Lima. Far too light. She beat Brazil 2 to 0, needed a goal to stay in the race. He was. Again and again. The heart and soul. He had three, four, five precise situations. He could not. By the second minute of added time, Bruno Amione not found the key third goal miraculous classification and, even more: he was on the road to lifelong enemy Al. Night special Saturday, pure emotion. And the most valuable thing: after the last attack, the Argentine boys met the Brazilians, the real sign of fair play. Victory and defeat are two sides of the same coin, with the aristocracy. Sincerely.

Pablo Aimar was a crack shortstop. Number 10, before those magical, elegant. Offstage, he always prefers a low profile on the other side of the moon. And now, when the selected Sub 17 driver, he became a teacher. His work goes beyond victories and defeats, tactics and strategy. It teaches the way to the youth group, with values ​​in excess of the field. His leadership is important, at the moment when the guys just go to the decisive stage Sudamericano. He has to win three goals. And he did. Beautiful miracle. Just dreaming about the world of Brazil, in November; event gives 4 seats. Title of the South American title, and then Uruguay and Paraguay, with last night, Argentina.

It would be a major penalty for a group of players who tested neat, bold games. Synthetic grass courts he played, the times, the trick for this complexity, which affects all the delegations. The guys were great.

Pablo Aimar, the driver of the boys
Pablo Aimar, the driver of the boys Credit: AFA

Matthias Year's penalty opened the scoring and Matías Palacios from abroad sealed 2 to 0. In all the time, Argentina was higher. He had the ball, ambition head. Brazil Actor luxury. For most of the second half, the team had a player for the expulsion of Diego. The ball eventually gave rise to Argentina.

In other matches, Argentina lost to Uruguay 3-0, beat Colombia 2-1 and tied 2-2 against Paraguay, who beat the first time from 1 to 0 in Colombia.

Comfort Argentine Brazilian players are still very positive points victory
Comfort Argentine Brazilian players are still very positive points victory

Aimar pub with & # 39 is the head of Placentia his sidekick. But the idea is the same: for the dignity of misadventures. There are guys in the end. They are far from fast driving elderly. Those who wear the same shirt. "We lost 3-0 against Uruguay, and the boys went to meet his rival. I'm not sure that is relevant to this area, but outside itself, and ultimately, they & # 39 are the players for two hours per day, and the rest of the people "with the & # 39 is Aimar phrases.

He is not alone. "Develop values ​​in children is very important at this stage. I do not know if it affects the game, but in life, "usually say. The boys finally adopted with relatives, hanging on the fence. Emotion won a landslide.

1 to 0 of Argentina (Year, penalty)

2-0 Argentina (Palacios)

Argentina 3-0 (Amione)

Triumph remember forever

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