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Mirko panicked and ran into the arms of another alleged Marley


Mirko He is already in Australia with her driver Susana Gimenez and Marlene, but a friend went to a strange phobia that swept little in the middle of the trip and surprised everyone.

Mirko genius, he spends smiling and has no problem in traveling from the gauze around the world, and together with him in his work.

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The truth is that sympathy Mirko seems to know no bounds, and now again to travel the world with his father, and, again, gaining the commitment of different characters on the planet.

In preparation for the return of all worldOn Sunday, April 7, Telefe, Marley and his great friend Sousa Jimenez, who is also with the & # 39 is the godmother of the child, they spend a few days in Sydney, Australia.

Nevertheless, he surprised his followers published a video Nicolas Mart, A close friend of Marley's where you see strange phobia it has a small, and no one knew.

It seems that Sydney There are lots of seagulls and diligence, to know them and get close to them, Mirko realized that he did not want too much, and ran into the young man's hand, who was waiting for a very relaxed.

Of course, the video received thousands of such moments, but many of his followers have been warned to think, maybe it's weird phobia of birds, while others said that they were just scared the noise they made, according to published LA100.

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The truth is that in addition to this episode, by Mirko I can & # 39 knots, combined with one of his biggest passionsAnswer the phone with the registrars of the hotel where they are.

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