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Motorola Moto E6: the features and characteristics of the filter


Motorola Moto G7 power, rear

While all eyes seem to be pinned on the new model RAZR series, and the first flexible smartphone, Motorola is already working on other segments of its terminal directoryBasically, those who actually helped them recover and return flight for the purpose of earning income.

Moto G7 model series, including the G7 G7 Power Plus, which were discussed thoroughly at that time has already been shown that company is an expert in the field of affordable mobile many of the changes that it experienced after the purchase from Lenovo in 2014, and that is why the brand is currently seeking to pursue another round of cheap smartphones, which historically have the best sales results reported by the brand: Moto E.

Moto E6, Snapdragon 430, 2GB of RAM and Android Pie

E5 Moto Plus

Not being the most popular tool among all directory Motorola «Of course, it was not his goal-, the something & # 39; I Moto E5 filed just over a year ago He came to convince those who are looking for low-cost terminals, with a good battery and a clean and smooth software experience software. So much so that even got to get our selection of the best low-end phones this year. Now the company plans to repeat the same game with a new series of Moto E6.

Rahman Mishaal, one of the editors of the portal XDA-Developers, Has shown through his Twitter profile Technical specifications of this new model MotorolaWhich, apparently, they were extracted directly from the firmware of the terminal.

screen resolution, which can vary in the final model Additionally, other Rahman exchange functions appear with & # 39 is final. If so, we find 5.45 inch panels probably, LCD-, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 32-bit with 2GB RAM, 16 or 32 GB of internal memory and Android-9 as pie version of the operating system. including 13-megapixel camera F / 2.0 at the rear of the terminal, and a 5 megapixel sensor on the front panel, which is also confirmed.

At this point they were not disclosed to images or other data on this model, which is expected, It comes accompanied by a version bonus More and more high-capacity batteryIn addition, perhaps, a little more powerful processor. Since E5 Motorcycles were presented at the end of April last year, it will probably not have to wait much longer to know the new generation of something & # 39; and.

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