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Nacho doublet partial victory river


river whipping workshops in Crdoba from 1 to 0 in a key match to secure a place in the Copa Libertadores 2020. Nacho Fernandez with his two goals, he takes his shirt fifteen millionaire, and & # 39 is the first in what is Super.

After a great game Pratto, the former striker got I attended Fernndez affirms both the hook and left his hand in the hand of the opposition's penalty. Former Gymnastics Mark with his right foot zurdo- -be the first goal on the right corner of the goalie.

A few minutes after, the steering wheel Aviv in a free kick and surprised all by entering the right side of the attack with an accurate shot in the 2 to 0.

Keep in mind that for three years and two months after it joined the River, Ignacio Fernndez affirms You want to give an economic leap that allows you to have a higher contract and the ability to be 15% of the money owned by the player is transmitted.

Barros Schelotto, Nacho, who knows its passage through Gimnasia Esgrima in La Plata, want to have their services in the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Bliznyuk and intends to have it when diriga Lans, it was impossible to see him wearing the shirt of the river, and l diriga in Boca. Recently, the transfer market has not been a chance for the Gallardo is necessary with or S, knowing that will not be able to replace him, but in June the characteristic attempt llevrselo United States.

His position Termination of 15 million euros, but in the end the negotiations would be a figure well below that amount. It should be remembered that "Nacho" made its formative process in the Gimnasia Esgrima La Plata, La Plata so that the club will enter the percentage of time the money transaction.

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