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NASA conducted a simulation of an asteroid


NASA's, the Federal Agency for Emergency Situations of the United States, the European Space Agency and the International Network Asteroids Alert International conducted a drill in which simulate the imminent asteroid impact on Earth. The event will take place this week at the annual conference of planetary protection.

At this important meeting, which will run from Monday April 29 to Friday, May 3, Maryland, USA, scientists from around the world will meet to discuss "about the & # 39; objects threat" to the Earth. This work in 2019 specifically to a fictional scenario in which the asteroid has a trajectory of impact with the Earth.

The European Space Agency on the air for the first time, through its official Facebook drill.

The fictional "what if" asteroid event …

#FICTIONALEVENT: It's 2028, and ESA closely watched in an alarming situation: a huge asteroid hit is on its way to Earth, though the exact point of impact is not yet clear. National governments are planning to evacuate millions of people, the company will cause untold human suffering and destruction on a gigantic scale. If the asteroid impact zone may be corrected, it may be possible to avoid such chaos. How precious hours pass, to figure out how planetary defense ESA is crucial to obtain information on this potential disaster in the framework of the activities in the field of Space Safety Agency. See events «LIVE» on Twitter here @esaoperations

Posted ESA – European Space Agency in the Monday, April 29, 2019

As this training will take place?

asteroid impact exercise will take place in the fictional environment created by the Center for NASA NEO research. These are the following characteristics:

  • An asteroid discovered March 26, 2019, which received a false name «PDC 2019" has a 1% chance of hitting Earth in 2027 Yes, it will pass at a distance of 0.05 astronomical units. It is important to note that each astronomical unit distance between the Earth and the Sun 149,597,871 kilometers.
  • The second scenario is a & # 39 is the threat of a comet, pronounced April 4, 2019, that the fictional circuit can affect the Earth February 28, 2021.

What good are these exercises?

"These exercises have really helped us in the planetary protection of society, to understand that our colleagues in the field of disaster management needs to know. In addition, to develop a more effective communication with our governments, "he explained Lindley Johnson, the coordination of the Office of Protection Officer NASA Planetary in a press release.

«Planetary Defense was collected by NASA headquarters to coordinate those involved in activities related to the field of planetary protection in NASA activities, as well as other US government agencies, as well as the efforts and projects of international detect any danger of an asteroid strike and plan appropriate response, "he added.

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