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NASA head warns that we must prepare for asteroid


Jim Bridestine NASA manager said that it is time to start taking this threat wssd & # 39; tackle, because if it can happen in real life.

The chief, who is responsible for NASA Jim Bridestine He said that humanity must be ready and start taking suras & # 39; ozna threat that exists in relation to ever likely to be affected by the fall of an asteroid to Earth.

Statements were made in the context of the speech, the head of NASA's Planetary Protection conference of the International Academy astronautics We held these days.

Bridestine said that because of the movies people accepted 'mood"This situation or simply do not believe that anything can happen, but NASA manager said that we should always be prepared for something some see in a lifetime.

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NASA head warns that we must be prepared for the asteroid to fall, at least once in a lifetime

warning about the dangers of NASA

According Bridestine «We must ensure that people understand that we are not talking about Hollywood movies do not ultimately This is the only planet known We now know, for family life, and that the planet Earth. "

In the twentieth century, they took place in all three events of the magnitude of the entire planet. The most important of these were the region Tunguska It is in Russia in 1908, where a huge explosion destroyed about 2,000 square kilometers, while fatal.

The second was in Brazil in 1930, when a big explosion hit the area at the river Curaçá leaving devastation in place. Nevertheless, NASA He is working on a possible solution to solve these problems at some point in our history.

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NASA head warns that we must be prepared for the asteroid to fall, at least once in a lifetime

a possible solution

The ambitious project will be a system that will keep track of all the asteroids larger a length of 140 meters which represent a potential danger for the planet. According to scientists, NASA asteroid of this size can now eliminate a large city or a small country, so you must have all been traced.

As the portal efayerwayer most recent event took place in Russia in 2013, when a meteorite fell on the same city it had a total of 20 meters in diameter, and the damage was considerable.

And finally, NASA has put all his cards on the project SpaceX Elon Musk, with whom he signed a contract in US dollars $ 69 million for work on the rocket, which can go up the meteorite and destroy it, but from the agency says that at the moment there is no danger of its kind on the planet.

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