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NASA held a competition for the design of an inhabited house 3D printing on Mars – that's what it might look like this


  • NASA chose the three finalists in the competition to develop a structure that can house the men on the moon or Mars.
  • These structures must be able to be 3D-printed using materials that are already on the planet.
  • The projects will go head to head on May 1st with $ US800,000 for grabs.
  • That's what NASA's favorite projects for 3D printed house on Mars look like the following:
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NASA spent four years looking at projects for the stay, which can be 3D-printed on the moon or Mars, and chose his favorite three projects.

Competition 3D-Printed Habitat launched by NASA in 2015, looking for structures that can be constructed independently using materials that are already on the planet.

The three best teams will go head to head on Wednesday, scale models print their 3D designs in the competition for $ US800,000 prize. The winner will then be announced on 4 May.

NASA says that he is trying to find a technology that "you need to create sustainable housing solutions for the Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond."

One of the design features Smalls ports, which allow in natural light

New York-based team of search + / Apis Cor won first place in the semi-finals of the competition NASA, which requires teams to make their design with simulation software.

The team said that their design allows them to use "indigenous Martian materials for the formation of an innovative and durable habitat in support of future manned missions to Mars."

It is designed to protect people from radiation and prioritization of natural light and the type of the Martian landscape in the "celebration of life."

Habitat includes accommodations and numerous laboratories, kitchen, water towers, and vertical gardens that have plants that will function as a filter for drinking water.

This video shows how it is built, and it will look inside:

Another design to be built autonomous rover

Arkansas-based design team Zopherus be printed off the rover, he says, can protect the structure from the harsh atmosphere. Zopherus say they will focus on creating a Martian concrete from on-site materials to create a hard shell for the structure.

The team describes its design as' inspired by biology, "and said that it can easily be expanded by adding additional modules.

It is designed to prevent cracking of the structure, the temperature on Mars differ from each other, and includes a radiation shield. The main hub connecting other modules seem to find design + / Apis COR, which substitutes with plants and natural light. Team to anticipate the main center also serves as a docking space for the Mars Rover.

This video shows how it is built, and how it would look:

The third and final team created a structure with four different zones

Team Connecticut Mars Incubator created orange structure that connects four separate areas with bridges.

One of the four areas where people are preparing to visit the planet from the outside, while others contain space and multi-purpose space for growing plants. The largest structure, where the crew can sleep and cook.

Mars incubator video shows its location and how it will be built:

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