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NASA warns of a large asteroid on the Earth


NASA importantly, Jim Bridenstin, warned yesterday that a catastrophic attack on Earth asteroids can happen in our life, and called for a comprehensive study on the threats that mankind has a large asteroid collision urgently initiated.

Thus, NASA administrator spoke to constrain major space conference, where he called on world powers to begin preparing for the effects of the weather with the & # 39; ads immediately.

Speaking at a conference Planetary Protection 2019 in Washington, DC, Bridenstine said. "We need you to make sure that people understand that this is not Hollywood, this is not a movie, it is ultimately to protect the unique planet we know, right now, to spend my life, and that the planet Earth. "

Simulacra on the last day

His warning comes as NASA prepares for the imminent "end of the world" to see what would happen if an asteroid was launched on Earth.
The space agency is involved in five days of simulated scenarios with other international organizations in order to verify their readiness for accident apocalyptic asteroid.

Demonstrating how close we could be in this situation actually occurs, Bridenstine noted that the event was named in Chelyabinsk, which took place in February 2013, when a meteorite burst in the Ural Mountains, before crashing in a remote area in the south of Russia.

It was the biggest hit of the meteor is registered in more than a century after the Tunguska event in 1908. More than 1,600 people were injured in the explosion of a massive shock wave that spread for hundreds of kilometers around. It has been estimated that the force of the impact was so strong as 20 atomic bombings of Hiroshima.

increasing regularity

It is generally considered that these destructive events occur about every 60 years once. But Bridenstine said it was in the past 100 years, three in the belief that it increases the consistency of a potentially devastating speed.

This means that another event on the scale of the Chelyabinsk events may occur in our lives. And the consequences can be disastrous if it occurred in a more urbanized area such as a town or city.
Similarly, if an attack similar to the asteroids in the ocean occurs, resulting in a wave can be enormous, excluding the entire islands and coastal areas.

Bridenstine added: "I would like to tell you that these events & # 39 are very unique, but they are not from the & # 39 is."

NASA is trying to planetary protection as critical objectives as space exploration and send humans to the moon again.
JPL agency entrusted with the study of the Earth & # 39 objects (NEO), to record their behavior and better predict when an attack may occur asteroid.

NEO is regarded as any of the & # 39; an object that orbits the Sun is 30 million miles from Earth orbit. Part of this work with the & # 39 is to identify and track up to 90 percent of the Earth asteroids measuring 459 feet or more. Asteroids such size can result in a potentially fatal collision with damage to the earth.

NASA also is working with SpaceX Elon Musk, to start the mission Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), which will be the first attempt to divert the asteroid deliberately crashing on & # 39; an object at him at high speed.

Mission launch is scheduled for June 2021 and will focus on the asteroid Didymos, which measures approximately 800 meters. The DART, is expected to crash into Didymos, when 11 million kilometers from Earth in October 2022.
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