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Netflix series for the marathon this weekend


All available from Netflix, and that currently there is only one season.

Umbrella Academy

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One of the latest platform releases. In ten chapters, tells the story of a real family & # 39; and superheroes that after some time apart, come together to investigate the mysterious death of his father, trying to overcome the many conflicts that arise between them and the threat of an apocalypse hanging over them. The series has in its cast one of its main attractive, because the stars Oscar nominee Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan ( "Geostorm") and Tom Hopper, best known for the role of Deacon Tarly in "Game of Thrones"


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He took the "best series" Last year, our Helena companion at home, "Bodyguard" (or "The Bodyguard," in Castilian) focuses on six episodes in the history of David Budd, a war veteran who, after avoiding the attack, he becomes a guard Minister Yulia Montague (Keelie Hawes), whose political vision of a completely opposite beliefs military, who plays Richard Madden (Robb Stark for his "game of thrones." to work on the series, of Madden won the Golden globe for best Actor in a Drama series.

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Russian doll

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Time series platform. Established, the director, the script and the role of women, feminist fiction has a large component, and tells the story of Nadia, a young woman who "closed" on the day of his 37th birthday. Style "Groundhog Day," but with a twist: in this day and with & # 39 is its death. Leading the cast (and science fiction in general), Natasha Lyonne, nominated for an Emmy for his most famous roles: Nicky Nichols in "orange the new black."

sex education

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Key recommendations teenager. A series of eight chapters, it is worth the life of a certain group of high school students that hormones, not revolution are beginning to follow the advice of festive erotic young Otis matter (ASA Butterfield, remember "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"), a young virgin child sexologist (not with & # 39; is neither more nor less than Gillian Anderson) to help in his "office", "bad girl" Maeve (Emma Mack) and his bizarre gay Eric friend (Ncuti Gatwa) How Var & # 39;. Yat, real.

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Netflix several series were so strained in recent months as «You.» In his ten deliveries, a fiction worth librarian obsessive Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley, Dan «Gossip Girl»), which with the use of technology and social networking becomes a blind young girl which falls in the first glance, the eccentric Guenevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). The tough part, however, is to keep in touch when the house of cards collapses bookseller go.

Life without permission

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Spanish contribution from the list. Made Mediaset and Alea initially media for Telecinco, a platform has been made with the provision of a series created by Aitor Gabilondo ( "Prince") and focuses on the life of infamous businessman in his thirteen parts and drug Nemo Bandeira (Jose Coronado) from the date you are diagnosed suffering from illness Alzheimer's. As if that were not enough, the cast is completed face as Alex Gonzalez, Pilar Castro, Yunaks Agold, Leonor Watling, Claudia Treyzak and the recent winner of the Goya Louis Sacher.


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