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New enhancements, WhatsApp is going to add

This article will show you the news that WhatsApp added in addition messaging

Regeneration, December 6, 2018.– One of the advantages of point us to the test program Google Play applications may prove first-hand news from our favorite applications. And if there is one that causes a stir among the majority of WhatsApp users.

Since Facebook bought the company, we have seen accelerated the introduction of new, especially in this trial. In the last published, 2.18.373, changes have stickers, improvement in groups and some of the features that have not yet activated, but missing a bit.

Group calls by pressing

One of the events affecting the group of & # 39 is the inclusion of a call button on the top of them. Thus, we can start a group call just as we do with the individual contacts.

Files sent improvement

A few days ago, we explain how WhatsApp improved as send messages to multiple recipients, when we used the Android sharing menu. Now, this improvement also reaches files, allowing you to review, we send what we want, and even allowing us to hear the sound before sending.

This function is already in the code, but it does not exist yet, so we'll have to wait a bit.

search sticker

Labels not long among us, but they enjoy it very much. What happens is that it's a dirty look. While the search is not activated, although growing. However, we can use a trick to find the perfect sticker.

We need to click on the label, that we receive, and then click on to see more, and if the package is opened sticker see a magnifying glass on the left side, which allows us to find the sticker you want. It is rare that this option is turned on, but not in the main area, but this kind of thing we see in the beta version.

If you want to install the APK you can download it from APKMirror, but if you want WhatsApp beta, we recommend testing a note in the Play Store.

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