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New record of measles cases in the United States: 704, the highest number in 25 years


The number of measles cases in the United States amounted to 704, The highest number in 25 years, said Monday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

almost 75% of those infected this year were people who were not vaccinated, Therefore, the authorities continue to urge people to use it. Disease with & # 39 is one of the most contagious in the world and can It affects 90% of unvaccinated people are exposed to the virus.

CDC confirmed 78 new cases of measles were reported last week, bringing the total this year to 704 in 22 states, said chain NBC.

This is the highest figure since 1994, and the biggest since been recognized disease eradicated in 2000.

New York with a & # 39 is the state with the highest number of cases, with spotlights in New York City and Rockland County, where small religious communities, as Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, They refuse to be vaccinated and have begun to explosions.

In the city even ordered vaccination of all its citizens as a result of this situation.

Besides the cultural rejection of vaccination, recently there has been a link between the vaccine and autism, which has no scientific basis and is considered false information.

Saturday also said that About 700 people, possibly exposed to measles at two universities in Los Angeles remain in quarantine for three days after health authorities ordered that steps have been taken to contain the spread of the disease is extremely contagious.

A 106 administrative employees and 550 students were asked to stay home and avoid contact with other people, a spokesman for the California State University (CSU) in Los Angeles, according to the agency AP.

They were also forbidden to use public transport, including planes, trains, buses and taxisIf you need to travel due to an emergency situation, they said, they had to first notify the health authorities.

Also remained quarantined 30 students and staff of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

The quarantine may have been exposed to a few weeks ago a person with measles in each campus.

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