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Nicole Neumann and Fabian Cubero Worse are those who say that hatred


«Devolveme girls", I heard over and over again Fabián Cubero and one repeats the mantra healing. The recipient of your complaint to the & # 39 is his ex-wife, Nicole Neumannand a little girl hostageAs in many gaps in the middle of parental conflict.

about They have created an almost perfect view of all the couples for years, those who were in love in the locker room of the football club, who starred in the hot and warm relationship, they saw to extinguish the fire they begin to start among Abul cards something & # 39; I Ingalls which as many-decayed over time.

Now they both put the battle in the media, very sad, but not avoid many dramas separateAmong the more situations of anger and envy that a & # 39; ektyvnasts events.

It is known that in the past Nicole has left soccer player VelezAnd amid rumors of infidelity on her partHe would find that rushed fornicators mails outcome, and ultimately He avenged his part to the model.

While Nicole ranges from hot photos cholulos Galanes looks like a "banana" his ex, after the increase in public awareness and become addicted to cameras I started dating one of the girls the moment, Michael ViciconteWho in turn found in this new pair growth media waiting to be magazine cover.

And love? We agree that there must be, of course, but it would not be the same without all the elements that these people will raise a couple of planGo to events, take notes gossip program, said media download sentence network to improve their programs and Internet portals. That is, the combo is not a low profile, but to do everything to the outside. Net shell. some walnuts.

It turns out that this time, her daughter Nicole trip took several days, caused them to miss school and not allow them to go to the theater to see the premiere of & # 39; career stepmother, in this case Viciconte, which will change Vedette theater magazine for the night and wanted to be there in the front row, applauding wildly beside Dad, besotted with her.

But the model is meaner than the spiders and do not give them the photos on the prime minister's & # 39; ernym flag, Then the discussion, because the player has started a family lawsuit had not been warned about the trip.

Nicole said, and tired of so much ingratitude, demands and claims all: Unpaid fees prepaid medicine, several delays and appalling attitude.

According to her, when she is not playing soccer, Cubero with & # 39 is the best of parents, but when it is concentrated in the previous season or before big games, Sun passing the ball daughters.

What a feast but the lawyers who take their state on these matters State with & # 39 is ViciconteWho dreamed about this sudden fame more than anything in this world, and if you meet a boy named athlete Pitu Velasquez He did not look so close to the top of the bore in two rooms and play fight.

Once she found out that she had to take a couple of solutions to speed up the procedure: let athlete boyfriend, she analyzed the panorama a bachelor or divorced middle and there Cansino seen happen very bad PorotoWhat was he completely refused Nicole desolation, and threw himself to the fate that brought her where she wanted to be. And love? Yes, yes, they do not insist … We are told that there is love, but in its own way.

At the same time, Nicole lace goes through life always with that air superador only allowed to complain about at home watching Netflix and eat chocolate. I wanted to draw with Matthias TasinBut the boy had more desire to go to Miami with friends, walk on yachts and cultivate celibacy.

For these predators -The bourgeois chauvinism «Politos Pieres» jet set- You win the fashion girls present themselves as a challenge cholulearse allowing them some time and chapear with friends, until they get the desired prey, and then bored rich kids with a new toy, and go looking for another. Fright, but it happens.

Although the mysterious Neumann, while Cubero fight in the courts, do not waste time. Kala is much more than that, he says, some of the media base line for calculating his misadventures with the version that suits you, and sottovoce a passion to a relationship that would last as long as a separate bearing father of daughtersWith which he lived his ups and downs, approaches and alienation, but they say that those next to it there is one that really loses sleep.

Of course, as Mr. is married with a name so closely linked to the social life in the country. It will be impossible to whitenAll comes.

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