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Oral Care: three questions that most concern Argentines


Generally speaking, the Argentine consulting privileges associated with Teeth, mouth, and curiosity must be general advice on the tongue, are also recorded.

Argentines believe that health is the most important when it comes to personal care: 86% of search queries related to it and focus on the main problems Three common problems, including the "decay" and "sore" , Consultations are usually related to his understanding of the causes and methods of treatment include from caseras- alternatives. This is reflected in the requests, such as: "Home remedies for toothache," "how to soothe a toothache," "how to heal sores" and "why are sore," among others.

The third problem is "Purification" Which also occupies an important position in the field of oral hygiene for Argentine: in this category 72% interest in the search corresponds to the general purity of the mouth, and then washing with 17%. In this regard, the Argentine focus on finding products or brands readily available and home-grown solutions for a quick fix. For example: "Hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash liquid" and "types of mouthwashes." oral hygiene is also associated with other basic goods, as a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Although these three questions within the health category with the & # 39 are the most of the & # 39; search volume generated by the five terms, which grew at the beginning of 2018 in comparison with the same period last year were previously some of the more complex issues: sensitivity, angiomas, bruxism, cancer and tartar.

In addition to the importance of dental health, aesthetics with the & # 39 is part of the problem of Argentines: 12% of the interest and mainly -a 94% – is concentrated in the bleaching. Movable desire to have a whiter smile is a cosmetic treatment growing in 2014 and had its highest peak of interest in 2017.

perfect smile

among Argentines The interest for products which can be used at home as a "dentifrice" is allocated; Many brands offer whitening toothpaste natural teeth tone easy and practical when the mouth sanitized form. These products have given a big jump in 2017 and since then, their quest for increased exponentially. In turn, to "whitening strips" also has become a trend since its launch in 2014: In general, this type of processing requires only placement of independently applied bands or strips for half an hour to about 20 days.

They represent more than 20% of requests by type of product and currently maintain a constant on the & # 39; the volume of searches. Then, for them are other processes such as the "laser bleaching", which requires professional responsible and alternative Homestyle as "mouthwash".

On the other hand, the remaining 4% searches for oral care, refer to general information, including 58% of search queries related applications and games, chiefly to create habits for brushing teeth boys. While 27% of Argentines priority consultations on age of onset, and tooth loss, as "at what age comes wisdom teeth", "At what age did fall fangs", "how many years they have left wheel opinion" and "the right techniques of brush." ​​In addition to the search for solutions in the search, 67% of Argentines ensures that also uses the YouTube, to learn how to do something.

So much so that some videos with tips and tricks for the visualization of oral care and reach thousands of subscribers: among them stand out as video whiten teeth for two minutes and health channels and Great .Ya primarily either health or aesthetic Argentine for oral care with & # 39 is that it generates a lot of interest and, in general, relation to the search for simple and quick solutions to their problems using readily available brands or homemade alternatives. In addition, while the direction of the majority of their queries through a search engine, and they use other platforms like YouTube, to access to the guidance and how-to videos, among others.

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