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Overcoming the fear of colonoscopy | World Day of …


"Early diagnosis allows to cure colon cancer by 90 percent," says Argentina Association of Surgery, today, on March 31, World Day against colon cancer. At present, this disease kills twenty people per day in Argentina. In cancer of men & # 39 is the third in order of frequency, after lung and prostate cancer in women and the second most common after breast.

There are various diseases affecting the colon or large intestine. Argentina Association of Surgery recognizes that both polyps and rivers are two common diseases. Colonoscopy with & # 39 is a tool to make the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the colon and large intestine and rectum. This visualization of the colon lining. Despite the fears, which often leads to a & # 39; the emergence of this kind of intervention, «videocolonoscopía generally well tolerated with minimal complication rate, 0.1 percent less than in the case of research on the prevention procedures," explained from the association. And they add that "we must bear in mind that the most effective way to prevent colon cancer from the & # 39 is this is the procedure that allows you to detect and remove polyps. What does it mean? All kind of colon cancer arises from polyps that with & # 39 is the abnormal growth of the intestinal mucosa. According to several factors (food, environment, food, etc.) cells undergo genetic changes, if these changes continue to the first polyps form and when they become genetically altering the cancer. "

In an interview with & # 39; nd Juan Carlos patron PáginaI12 Uriburu, a member of the Argentina Association of Surgeon Surgery and Coloproctology Service of the Buenos Aires British Hospital, he explained the features of the disease, its treatment and its chances of recovery.

-¿A which particularly affects colon cancer? There are gender differences?

-The colon cancer affects the entire population, with cancer & # 39 is the second in order of decreasing frequency. If we divide by sex, it affects more men than women in a proportion of 30 per 100 000 and 20 100 000 respectively. If we divide the men from the women, women are second (after breast cancer) and third in men (after lung and prostate).

-¿Se increased in recent years? Why?

It grows and decrease the incidence of age of onset of the disease. Increasingly younger patients with a diagnosis, not only in Argentina but also in the world. The most developed city with a & # 39 are the ones with a higher frequency, but with a lot of tools for prevention and early diagnosis. For this reason, they have a lower mortality rate in rural areas where prevention with & # 39 is very low. It is important that the prevention or early diagnosis. Colon cancer is diagnosed at an early stage it is from 80 to 95 percent treatment. Patients who are diagnosed late or symptoms of low survival dramatically. The increased incidence of colon cancer is associated with many factors, such as excessive consumption of red meat, alcohol, fats, foods with preservatives or unhealthy fast food and cigarettes, among others. Also, lack of exercise and obesity.

-Who should be especially aware of this disease?

The current recommendation is to perform a colonoscopy from 45 or 50 years, for all people, regardless of gender. They do not have symptoms. It is these asymptomatic people are those who benefit the most, because they are part of what we call prevention. The aim with the & # 39; the search for and removal of polyps. If these polyps are found, they are removed, and this prevents them from becoming cancer. Polyp abnormal growth in the intestinal mucosa, which usually occurs between 45 and 50 years. If these polyps continue to have changes become cancerous. Thus, the most effective way to prevent cancer is to detect and remove polyps, they are their predecessors. After the usual colonoscopy in patients without a history and without high-risk research should be repeated every five years.

Do you have it is a cure for cancer?

He cured in increasing proportions. Remember that the most likely to be cured those diagnosed early, or in patients without symptoms. They are called early cancers. In the later stages of cancer, while having a lower cure rate, with the development of both surgery and oncology, radiation diagnosis and pathology treat and cure patients who have a few years ago could not.

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