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Overwatch will have a change in the competitive season 16


Overwatch almost takes 3 years with us and, thus, almost 16 competitive seasons have passed, many of us have improved and others, they do not have much time to time development team to make minor adjustments to keep the quality of the game and Matchmaking, although many players say otherwise.

Recently, through the official forums OverwatchIt was officially announced that the changes primarily affect the most experienced players in the game will be a competitive season 16, this change is due to the fact the majority of games run level GrandMaster and Top500Changing leave only two, with SR 4000 mayor may be in a band (invitation)

Hello everyone!

Starting with the 16th season of competitive sections. Grandmaster (Players with SR> 4000) Players can not start a queue for a competitive, if they are in a larger group two. In an attempt to deliver a higher quality and more fun games for all actively trying to position the patrol group of similar size to create games. For the vast majority of players, this feature matchmaking system works quite well. Grandmaster for our players, making games is always more difficult, because there are several players of the same level to which group. This is especially difficult if we allow Grandmaster can make the tail with larger groups. We believe that this change will create a better playing field for all players in the GM.

Thank you and please continue compartiendonos your comment on the Competition section.

This statement, in the same publication in the official forums has caused some reactions, it seems that most of them are positive, however, have some concerns about this change, which may affect the player a low level of skill.

In the first place it is believed that this change will promote the use of Smurfs accounts at the lower levels because they can no longer enter into courtship with a group of 3 or more, which, by the way, the group 3 was normal found at these levels, creating not wait that long courtship, but also provided an opportunity for experienced players with at least 50% in the control group.

One of good points of this player and described level Master's degree, It is not so common to find groups of 3 or more Top500 against players Master's degree or diamond, Some specific functions, is expected to be disappointed when the power Matchmaking to find a game.

What was not explained and a & # 39; appeared as a question on the forums, it's going to happen with the players on consoles, where the Top500 level with & # 39 is 3,700, and they will depend on or affect only those who are more 4000 SR,

Competitive season 16 will start tomorrow (probably), and it was in the previous season change will be immediately after the competition season 15 Overwatch full.

We need to see what's going on at this point, if it's true or not players grandmaster They have the best games and less time in matchmaking or, if this is the apocalypse with Smurfs.

Overwatch It is available on the platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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