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Pablo Moyano challenge the government with cotton, "the fines are in the ass"


Pablo MoyanoDeputy Secretary to the driver, knew the main closing ceremony at the Plaza de Mayo in the middle of the day stop, which took place across the country.

In a short speech, the union said the strike was "overwhelming" and challenged the national government with obscenity: "Many large and small shops have been fined issued compulsory conciliation, to scare us that the fines are in the ass, we do not push us one".

The son of Hugo Moyano, the promoter of the protest, rammed Minister William DietrichWho this morning is linked to violent strike sector kirchnerismo "Before you criticize the arrest to be corrected, because it is not convinced by his father, who came out to criticize the government".

Union leader confirmed that tomorrow, May 1, continue with the strikes and said that workers in the sector will start in 15 days to agree on a joint business with cameras.

Despite these community organizers, Unemployment April 30 hardly felt in the city center, Most of the bus lines did not join the strike, the trains ran normally, and many people were able to reach the offices and workplaces, despite the protests that are taking place in the center.

March to Plaza de Mayo left a toll of 32 people detained by city police. It Vandals were identified striker facades JP Morgan headquarters and Galicia and the French banks.

Incidents city joined the attack with Molotov cocktails, which were recorded in the morning in the early hours of Tuesday to prevent the movement of some of the bus lines. Nevertheless, the majority of branches operating in the metropolitan area is not joined to the industrial activity.

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