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Paro April 30: A model of the country against the C …


"Unemployment will be the most important in recent years, people repodrida» he said that truck driver Pablo Moyano leader, in response to government attempts to weaken the impact and mobilizing today on the Plaza de Mayo convened by the trade union front of the national model, the Federal flow different directions stations and 80 regional VKTA that guild called militant trade union, which will have an "independent" column and add the march. From Cass Rosada they seek to impose -in accordance with the mandatory verifications empresarias- cameras in various areas, in particular transport, with threats of heavy fines to unions, which do not comply. But union leaders last night ahead of their rejection of the reconciliation "unacceptable". A large number of transport unions that do not meet to conduct UTA Sun -sindicato participate in a strike, but announced their own strike tomorrow, 1 May-affirmed their commitment to the strike, so that over 50 bus lines in the metropolitan area and the federal capital, as well as inland cities, will not work.

Thus, unemployment and the mobilization of today will have a big impact on many activities, despite government threats and challenges of the agreements with the business community, trying to moderate the protest. There will be no flights, subway or garbage disposal. Three teachers: elementary, secondary and university level education to follow the strike, both public and private. Bank workers to paralyze the activity, although private banks have promised the government "to ensure" attention. Various branches of truckers, one of the trade unions, which results in a strike against the government's economic policy, and not to lift the garbage or pay for fuel transportation, stream, mail, water and soft drinks, among other items.

Public administration will be limited ATE support to stop, but UPCN branches Sun adhere to the strike. Hospitals will be minimal guards on Sunday, by measuring the force and auxiliary medical personnel.

Agglutination CATT transport unions do not add up, but called for their own unemployment is May 1 with a waiver of income tax as the main requirements. Nevertheless, the local branch of the Union of the railway industry Sarmiento bowed hit today as the underground guild in Metrodelegados hands.

It promises to be a minor impact on the industrial sector, where most unions are aligned with cegetista driving, which does not adhere to the strike. However, the powerful union SMATA mechanical paralyze the automotive industry today. "If we do not change the model, we have no future in Argentina. Unemployment will be blunt, I hope the government will listen, "he claimed, his Secretary General, Roberto Pignanelli.

the pressure

The government has stepped up in anticipation of negotiations on wages to dictate mandatory reconciliation in areas such as transport, communications and the state in an effort to mitigate the effects of unemployment. All the measures taken by the Minister of Labor, Lucas Fernandez Aparicio, and contribute to the claims of the employer. Among the aircraft on the & # 39; associations, conciliation reached UPSA and APA Intercargos company on & # 39; security and defense union of air navigation and APLA Aerolineas Argentinas, to try to put pressure on other unions in the sector. "Planes are not going to go do something that the government," said the Airline Pilots Association Secretary General, Pablo Biro. "Prevent the right to strike me, it's a crime" and "does not apply compulsory conciliation for a national strike," where "with a double & # 39 is the government's economic policy," he said. He insisted that "all aviation unions hold strike" and flights have been canceled already.

Other "obligatory conciliation", issued by the Ministry of Labor went to the worker Federation seaport and the union of ceramists, Argentina Actors Association and the Union of the movie industry. Most of them are rejected as "unacceptable" the official decision last night, when they began to receive messages.

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, added another edge to attack the ruling party to stop. The Minister called "mafia" union sectors and warned they would not allow pickets and roadblocks in protest today (see separate article). The truck driver Hugo Moyano was on hand to meet its intersection: he argued that "arguments" on Bullrich "makes no sense", but warned that says "to justify some relationship or accepting any order to give some repression." "We are very care that they themselves put some services, to provoke something, to justify any repression, "he said Moyano.


Central mobilization, which will be accompanied by a strike at the Plaza de Mayo, but will be marches in cities across the country. Most of the trade unions, which adhere to the call summoned its members to concentrate in different parts of the south of the capital to start, before marching off the clock 13. Righteous, various trade union movements that have organized a protest action will determine how many and who will be speaking at the mass demonstrations are expected. On the other hand, the violent syndicalism unions aligned with the left parties joined "critical" to strike and have a separate column which will be concentrated at the intersection 9 de Julio and Avenida de Mayo.

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