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Payment: new Porsche Taycan is in the final stages of testing


SIt was a model value before and after the Porsche, the gateway to what will be the future of the automotive industry: Taycan, the first 100% electric hatchback signature Stuttgart is already in the final test before the presentation is scheduled for September this year.

It was on his own brand, who made a statement, with images showing a variety of tests that are experiencing the product known in the concept stage as the mission of E and in the most extreme conditions out & # 39; I, to ensure adequate adaptation to the many markets where it It will be sold. In fact, there are more than 20,000 firm orders from potential buyers who have made an advance and began to build the device.

taycan tests

As a sport with internal combustion engines, it has been tested Taycan scenarios as diverse as severe winter -a km Scandinavian Arctic circle at 35 degrees below zero; South Africa's hot summers and unforgiving desert of Dubai with more than 50 degrees Celsius. These tests have to stress load and check the battery performance or control of engine temperature and salon. characteristics of the circuit, some acceleration and versatility for everyday use were also evaluated.

In this regard, Stephen Weckbach, vice president of Taycan project, said: "After the computer & # 39; computer simulation and extensive testing bench early stage, we have reached the last stage of this comprehensive testing program. Before you start Taycan market we have already covered about six million kilometers this year worldwide. We are already very happy with the current situation where there are vehicles. Taycan will be a real Porsche ».

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