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President of the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires denounced that require


manuel Mosca

President of La Plata in Buenos Aires province Chamber of Deputies, Manuel Mosca, filed a complaint against extortion to justice. It calls for threats that come to him from December last year to his secretaries, and now he investigated.

Mosca asked to leave for two months without pay, his bank Deputy and President of the Chamber, in the annex to his own lawlessness, "in order to facilitate the normal development of any judicial process." The request for a license and lawlessness will be discussed at a meeting convened by him on Thursday May 9.

It came in the hands of the prosecutor Alvaro Garganta, who heads the functional unit of learning and decision number 11 of La Plata. Fly filed a complaint against the crime of aggravated coercion and extortion investigation in order to feel "extortionate sacrifice maneuvers, which began in December 2018 about the alleged sexual harassment complaint against him," he explained a spokesman. They warned that the forms of extortion were mail and calls, the first secretary and the secretary of her and then themselves. Since its environment, they interpret it as a political operation.

The first complaint was filed on the same charges, one of its representatives.

Last month, a man of great confidence, he warned: "They are very much against you," So, there is growing concern among Mosca The way they "work" will make a complaint of sexual harassment, they said, Although… that there is no such complaints in the court, the president of the lower house decided to come.

Thus, almost five months later, she made herself a complaint. This would provide evidence as audio files, emails and WhatsApp conversations.

According to court reports, President of the Chamber presented the names of about fifty people from the political arena, his personal environment and a number of journalists, who told in December by this time, we contacted different "to be invited to participate in the complaint against him, or in the case of some journalists , to publicize the news in advance of the complaint. "

Mosk considers restore his position as president of the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires province. He is a soldier of Species and so believe in their environment that they want to "lose", although they believe that there is no connection between these "operations" and espionage abolished the governor or the Minister of Safety Buenosairean, Cristian Ritondo.

"He knows that if there is a complaint that he was innocent. He does not hide anything, and do not want to protect something, "they explained sources close to the legislator nation.

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