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President of the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires reported that the "extorsive maneuver victim"


President of the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires, Manuel Mosca (change)He asked permission to this body, and even revelries Monday after the submission to justice has become a victim of extortion. The legislator introduced Monday at the function block instructions and decision number 11, led by Alvaro Garganta, a complaint asking for the crime of aggravated coercion and extortion investigation in order to feel "extortionate maneuver victim, Which began in December 2018 about alleged sexual harassment complaint "against him.

A request for a license and lawlessness will be discussed at a meeting convened by the deputy, as an organ of the chairman, on Thursday May 9, confirmed the newspaper Platense day.

After leaving the prosecutor's throat, Mosca said He asked for a license, without charge, to its bank deputyTherefore, the presidency of the Body, and requested his impeachment "in order to facilitate the normal development of any judicial process." "Manuel only filed a complaint with the judicial system and believes that it is not to do it with a & # 39 is the holder of the other branches of government," the source said current head of the provincial environmental agency Junior Chamber Sun available.

According to reports from the judicial sources, Mosca would represent around 50 names of people in the political arenaHis personal environment, and some members of the media who did not express it in December so far, contacted different "to offer part of the complaint against him or, in the case of some journalists, who spread his advance news of complaints." In any case, Moscow has not been reported.

According to the first beyond the scope of this new complaint, the provincial head of the lower chamber would be provided as evidence Audios, emails and WhatsApp conversations that will support the contents of the complaintHe also explained, sources close to Mosca, that among the names mentioned quote by Garganta, officials and national legislators, councilors, staff houses and journalists will meet. This is the second time Mosca is a complaint of this type: the first was held in December 2018 after the first intimidating letter allegedly he received from the president of the Chamber of Deputies.


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