price break reaches $ 3.30


With the fuel price movements that have been recorded so far this month, with an increase in all flags and rebates at Shell and Axion Energy, the equity gap with YPF (companies that have the lowest and lowest demand prices higher than the national hydrocarbon market) is shortened and currently between $ 1.50 and $ 3.30 per liter, depending on the product. In the case of diesel hydrocarbons, the distance reaches a little over $ 1 in some cases.
With the renewal and changes in the value of city service station fuels registered in the first days of the month, the gap between oil companies was shortened. In the case of YPF and Shell, the distance reaches $ 3.30 per liter: super YPF gasoline costs $ 41.69 and Shell $ 44.99.
As for premium nafta, YPF sells liters at $ 47.81 and Shell at $ 49.99 (the difference is $ 2.18). In the case of diesel formulas, the gap is slightly wider because state oil companies have liters worth $ 36.77 and international companies have it at $ 39.99 ($ ​​3.22 more); As for the most refined diesel, YPF has a value per liter of $ 44.08 and Shell of $ 45.59 (the difference is $ 1.51).
On the other hand, the distance between Axion Energy and YPF prices is shortened further: for example, in the case of super naphtha the difference per liter is $ 2.14 and in finer liters naphtha reaches $ 1.90. As for diesel, the distance is smaller: YPF sells diesel formula liters at $ 36.77 and Axion at $ 37.97 (difference of $ 1.20); In the case of the most refined diesel, YPF costs $ 44.08 and international companies have it at $ 45.58 (difference of $ 1.50 per liter).
So far this year, oil companies have implemented 15 price increases and four reductions, and new improvements are expected for the first days of December.


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