Sunday , November 29 2020

Prices in the US and trade tensions: Argentine stocks listed on Wall Street lost 8%

Bad start of the week for the major indexes Wall Street went straight into the Argentine stocks traded in the US, Especially banks decreased by 8 per cent for half an hour before the closing of the round.

Thus, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gave 2,11%, S & P 500 is 2.1%, and NASDAQ, 2,27%. Today, the bags were an eye on the Fed, whose monetary Commission meets on Tuesday and Wednesday to make a new decision on interest rates.

Plaza in New York hit from last week: Dow Jones lost from Monday to Friday, and Nasdaq 4,50%, 4,93%.

Argentine stocks are traded through certificates ADR fell across the board. In this context, the poor performance of banks with losses has been noted that have been around that exceeds 8 percent. Banco Supervielle (-8,2%) led to a reduction. They were followed by Banco Macro (-8,0%), Grupo Financiero Galicia (-7.7%) and Banco Frances (-6,7%).

Energy is also dropped: Pampa (-4,5%), YPF (-5,1%) and TGS (-2,5%). Other significant drop: Mercado Libre (-4,9%) and Irsa (-4,5%).

Locally, Rava Bursátil says "Hard regression records leading role in the beginning of the third week of December"" Merval Index noted a significant drop of 3.6% [3,9% al cierre]All for a bad atmosphere that came from Wall Street. There is also likely to have affected some local factors, but in the short term, which is not appropriate to continue sending to the northern markets, "he explained analyst Eduardo FernandezWho says that one of the issues that continue to treat investors in the world, with the & # 39 is a trade war between the US and China, as well as increase the likelihood of rates by the Fed.

"As for the local market did not regret anything, and both actions, as bonds have been hit hard. Inside the main panel of the worst of the day were shares of the financial sector, GGAL standing -7.28%, BMA -7,11% and FRAN -6,37%. on the side of the fixed-line revenues in dollars continue to medium and long term with a clear bearish bias. most negative stay and Dicad -2,67% -1,93% AC17D «, described in Rava.

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