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Pulga Rodriguez said goodbye to Atletico Tucuman by growing suspicions, why he – 2019/07/01

Luis Miguel Rodriguez Pulga was not a player of Atletico Tucuman. He left his mark in the hearts of fans and has become the biggest idol of the club. therefore about it from & # 39; Congress back strong, Also, you might say. "I've got to go, I have to select a new team taking suras & # 39; serious challenge for my football life," he said to the striker in a farewell video went viral with the official accounts of Dean. But there are some who do not stop them closing his farewell. And the suspicion is growing political problem.

"I am what I am because of the shirt I wore for 11 years"He said striker, 34, was born in Simoca in the same record. "I hope that the new club can expand all that I have done in Atletico. It's my decision to emigrate. I hope that I can do in Columbus, things that I did in Tucuman, "he says.

And treat 11 years (with a short bow in the Racing de Córdoba and Newell), where he performed all that stated he was the top scorer of the National B, he starred in A, in international tournaments, and even called the selection when Diego Maradona I led. In total, he played 325 games with the shirt Atletico and turned 130 goals.

Pulguita Rodriguez played 325 games for Atlético Tucumán and reached 130 goals (AFP).

Pulguita Rodriguez played 325 games for Atlético Tucumán and reached 130 goals (AFP).

But … what? "He fought with the leaders," throw some of them. "This is a personal question," to protect others. but The comment most often heard in Tucuman that his departure from the & # 39 is "politicsMore precisely, because after the accession to the Justicialista Party, was set Pulguita thought candidatear as a legislator.

Rumors grew that, coincidentally, Guillermo Acosta, another member of the team, which is adhered to the Peronist ranks ,, also continue its car & # 39; career at another club: just been sold to Lanus.

The only fact that Columbus to pay $ 350,000 to stay with a pass (and goals) Rodriguez. And that the player will sign a contract with the improving economic situation in the two years what it was in Tucuman. Amounts also serve to explain a transfer bomb the market. The dean of the rumors that the concern is how to replace the player in its class.

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