Thursday , November 26 2020

Rad Rodgers: Radical edition officially announced Nintendo Switch –

After numerous rumors and lists, which indicated the premiership & # 39; career Rad Rodgers: Radical edition Nintendo Switch, today we finally get the official events. Name confirmed his premiership & # 39; a career in hybrid console afternoon.

Is the name of the platform and actions will be available in early 2019 on the Nintendo platform and will come with new Nintendo switch is also available on other platforms as a free upgrade. These are the ones that have been detailed:

  • New playable characters: Lo Wang (Shadow Warrior) and Duke
  • Co-op mode for two players
  • Multiplayer versus mode
  • New skills and mini-games
  • A new world and new levels
  • Secrets, collectibles and exclusive Unlockables

If you do not know the name, we'll leave you with Description and trailer below:


Rad playful, but the energetic young man who could play a lot of video games. After falling asleep at the end of a long night of risk, Rad wakes up and discovers that his dusty old console ignited. Suddenly a whirlwind with & # 39 is absorbed and your TV, where he finds himself as a star in your own adventure game.

Give Rad gaming console, a good-hearted, but dirty and sensitive mouth. Its clock frequency is not what it used to, but what it lacks in megahertz tolerate the experience and attitude!

The Adventures of Rad & Dusty begins in the first world, guiding them through the seven stages of the dangerous action-packed fun, full of humor and very hardcore. It decomposes the jungle world was infected by corruption and a rigid belongs unlikely duo of Rad and Dusty friends to save the inhabitants of the jungle and to restore the old tree, as a guardian of the earth.


  • Weapons: Rad have different radical and bad weapons. Blaster Bolt has unlimited ammunition, it is easy to use and has more firepower than enough to do the job. Canyon Phoenix shoots fiery bird with a wingspan enlightens the enemy while it flies. There are more than 5 weapons in the first chapter, with more to come.
  • Music: our composer Andrew Hulshult on & # 39; combined his years of musical experience (both interpretation and composition) with his passion for retro games to create an amazing and authentic soundtrack to the game with music inspired by MIDI … and the synthesizers!
  • Pixelverse: While Rad and Dusty great team, only Dusty can go into the pixelverse electrified, dangerous area, which divides the space-time that exists for the game world. Dusty Pixelverse includes, if necessary, repair the technical problems in the world launch of the game, allowing Rad & Dusty continue their journey.
  • Classic Easter Eggs: the game features a complex collection of objects found in secret rooms, sometimes even harder to find. Use your platform skills to collect all of them accurate.

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