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respiratory diseases forward and additional vaccines


So far this year, it was confirmed 200 patients with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the most common cause of lung infections and germ in the respiratory tract of infants and young children. Health Ministry strengthened supervision, but the new campaign of vaccination against flu will begin in the second half of April. The other, the first day of the month and tore operating immunization.

Health also reported 15 cases of influenza Influenza A, H3N2, commonly referred to as seasonal flu.

Official sources confirmed the delay in the delivery of doses of the national government, and a few days ago, uncertainty prevailed.

prevention such as hand washing, airing all rooms every day and do not smoke in enclosed spaces with a & # 39 are measures that people encounter Salta is a real virus circulation syncytial given the delay in the flu vaccine.

"The circulation of the virus in this season is different in that he came forward. We have the presence of the first cases that used to & # 39; to appear in mid-April, "said Paul Herrera, head of the situational room.

In the dialogue with tribuneAdriana Yura, immunization program, recalled that major groups should be vaccinated children six months to two years, over 65 years of age and risk groups.

"Every year, vaccination starts after sending the doses received by the government of the country," said Yura. He recalled that last year, vaccination started in the first week of April in the vaccine games although it does not reach all together- had already arrived at this moment.

For vaccination of children from six months to two years, people over 65 and people with obesity, diabetes, cancer treatment, pregnant women and other at-risk sectors, 200 thousand doses required for the entire province.

Yura said that the flu vaccine does not prevent a person engripe, but reduces the complications that can lead to hospitalization and even death.

The professional said that in two years receive two doses of the flu, separated by a period of one month, and said that the body can not create antibodies to the influenza vaccine after a maximum of 15 days.

As the fear of possible adverse reactions to the vaccine, Yuri emphasized that & # 39 are safe and that the most frequent event is represented by patients pain at the Institute & # 39; ektsyi and eventually some physical pain.

Head of the Immunization Program said last winter, despite the low temperatures, the results of vaccination were positive for the group of children under the age of 2 years, with the exception of. "We are asking something & # 39; and do not keep up with the vaccination of boys, because then thickens conservation schedule. The vaccine against whooping cough also be placed and to avoid the complications that can be fatal to infants and pregnant women, "he added professional.

Required doses for high-risk groups

Last year immunized with a high percentage of the target population.

Adriana Yura, immunization program, said that while the disease turnaround has begun, does not mean that the entire population is exposed to three types of virus circulating. But more beautiful than before the onset of winter we were able to vaccinate 80 per cent of the target population.

"Sometimes vaccines arrive Nation sends the party and not to vaccinate everyone, but it is made as a percentage," the official said.

In 2018, influenza vaccination failed to achieve the goals in the elderly and high-risk groups, however, could not reach these percentages in the age of two years, as the parents did not meet the placement of the second dose.

"Influenza vaccine with & # 39 is one of the compulsory timetable, so vaccinate continues throughout the year. The child was six months in October, should get their flu vaccine also "reminded professional.

People who are included in the schedule of doses of flu shots for free, regardless of whether or not social work.

"If you're talking about the vaccine calendar includes every person who is part of the target group. It is important that you receive, regardless of the presence or absence of social work, "he explained to the doctor. He added that if a person who is not included in these groups and has a social work can be vaccinated to prevent complications or the need to miss work.

Autumn and winter

Among recommended for autumn-winter season, when the majority of respiratory disease form of the vaccine against pneumococcal doses for placement under the age of two years. "This vaccine is used to prevent the development of invasive pneumonia or respiratory diseases in children. This vaccine is administered in two months, four months, and twelve months of the child. In Argentina, for two years, this vaccine is available for those who are over 65, who often have recurrent pneumonia, "said Yura.

People who & # 39 are part of the risk groups, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and a & # 39 are smokers, may also require to put the vaccine consists of two doses, medical centers, WITHOUT WARRANTY any cost and without medical purpose.

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