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Revelation of conducting the debate: "I open the door, because she was a blonde with blue eyes"


World media with & # 39 is rigid, it will be to fight for everything! Space, schedules, contracts and others. In this context, mediticos, do not adapt and consolidate a large car & # 39; career. such a case Paul Trapani, who, after 25 years of work on television, leading his first broadcast.

journalist SPER Khar Tuesday, which will be released Delta 90.3, and be aware of the situation, with the journalistic content, but also relaxed and focused on entertainment. Thus, that conducts a dialogue with the television show where the details of its continuation ct & # 39; EASURES and letting confession controversy.

"I like to have new challenges. And it's not so common at this stage of the race. I found that I find very interesting, "he ripped counting Then they asked if there's anything worth more to the S to be a woman, and I rebelled against me many things:.. Against the beauty and convenience for some things, who gave you so, I told him.

When I became a chronicler we have been very few women, and journalism in general were quite less. Y s, sometimes things are more expensive. Until I learned to use a feminine side, and perhaps all this beauty, I say to you, often appear to me to open the door, because she was a blonde with blue eyes, Coment meditica.

Have you spent more than you angry instead of wanting to use it? We consulted. S, first angered me. Pas these copies. Later, when I realized that ten advantages of being a woman, said, "I'm going to use." In general, the problem persists. You can open the door, but after dozens demonstrate stay ah, competition Paula.

Later, he was asked his opinion on the current situation of women, taking into account a & # 39; emergence of several feminist movements. I think we are a bit extreme, it may be necessary, like when we talk about women's quota, I'm against it, but I understand that it should be necessary to find a balance after. And there are things that I do not agree completely, OPIN Trapani.

I do not feel represented by extremism, because it seems to me, going to one extreme attention to issues or claims that have lost a lot of support. All fundamentalism is bad: it is not a matter of hating people. We must find a balance, the average trmino. It is true that we need to fight, which is still nowhere near equality, but also think that we are different, we can assume different roles without the courage and all the bad that has concluded.

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