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Rodolfo D'Onofrio: "We have a high guard, Gallardo, Francescoli and players, we have more than enough" – 2018/12/17

He is sitting in a comfortable chair, ask for espresso and admits that he has counters. He quotes a contemporary philosopher. "One day I'll write a book, and for that I need a voice recorder. Sant & # 39; Yaga Kovadloff said that it was necessary to clear the mind. Now I have the time, but it is in my plans, maybe when I go to the football, "says Rodolfo D'Onofrio in horn, At 71, you have material for several executives. Entretelones ball and interests can lead to hitBut the boss Udaondo and Figueroa Alcorta is in another stage, enjoying the sweetness of sporting success. Once he reached the name River during his tenure. and irresistible victory: Boca beat in the final of the Copa Libertadores of America. Party, which inflates his chest, but left open wounds. And many say the evening in Al Ain.

If you suspect that your office in December 2013, do you think that the river would get this far?

"We came to the project with the team, and we were very well thought out, that we could do with the economic and financial part, which was very bad. As for sports, then we put all our desire to do good. But if I told you that I thought that we would have achieved all that we're not. We won eleven cups, but something more important. We won the Cup of the meanings of words, we are very close-knit team that has a clear, that their principles and what kind of image you have to show the river. Os you can win the championship, but the key is to give a signal to the public and fans of the river, all won with work, effort, humility, design and value. Today, the Gallardo, the players and the leaders of the & # 39 are part of this. Individuality can lead you to victory, but if you have a good group, it is very difficult.

What is the river that almost all the benefits?

There is something that is very important. The river has a leading position in the Board of Directors, and the Gallardo Enzo Francescoli. Gallardo with a & # 39 is the leader. The next day we were in Madrid and went to see the game the players who have been with Marcelo at different stages of the cycle. They all & # 39 appeared. He was more than 13. This is a device that feels a part of, be identified and proud river. And those who did not come, they wrote me. It gives me great happiness. This is what allowed the cancer won both.

-Viviste many stages, first as a fan, and then as a leader throughout its history, is the best time for the river?

No, no … This is a very important step. But I think it is the Copa Libertadores will be for our children, our grandchildren, the children of our grandchildren and children's children, our grandchildren … it will be forever. For many reasons. Firstly, because it was the final against arch-rivals. Then, for all that we are living. There are so many things that have happened … He will go down in history as one of the most significant results; In addition, because we ended up playing in Madrid, an unusual place.

They -¿Jugaron blood in his eyes?

No, we had to put all our efforts to make a lot of things. Much of the credit the players and coaching staff had to overcome difficulties. Revenge will have to play out of your yard without your audience was brave. I always listen to the coach, who told me that the players get to 20 or 25 percent of local and we lost. And this is a plus: pick up negative results, as happened with the booming and Boca face in both games. A rematch has become almost one final and will be starting next year.

-¿Sufriste more monumental restlessness or grievances with Daniel Angelis and Alejandro Dominguez?

Marcel we have never regretted that Saturday said "Do not play" because there should be no sporting advantage. I had no hard feelings, I can have different opinions. With Angelici or CONMEBOL. But I suffered a lot from the 60,000 partners who have gained entrance to River. More than one of the big effort from his pocket and came from a neighboring village and was frustrated group of losers. It hurts me a lot. That's what made me more suffering. I felt that it was unfair, and not everyone has the financial resources to travel to Madrid. Take still is superclásico, Argentina … I always against me. Not just on the bank of the river; In addition, for the Argentine Football. AFA has been so difficult.

-Angelici also said that it's a shame to play in Spain. Do not you think that if the two clubs agreed, he would have escaped to move the headquarters to the end? Either they did not have another not to be politically correct with CONMEBOL?

It was a decision CONMEBOL. I told him, Chiqui Tapia: Argentine football should be against him remove superclásico. The river is not of & # 39 is part of the executive committee. AFA had to give up, to vote against. But this is history … We must turn the page, I think it's an issue that affected the river fan, but should serve as experience. It can not be thirty or forty losers derail sports show. And I want to say something. Since I arrived in Russia, I have always said that Argentina had put the fan ID. And I congratulate the minister (Patricia) Bullrich, in the Superliga, the province and the city, which has agreed to go ahead with this idea. Because we will be able to remove those who do evil football and society.

You can put an end to the band? Chris Wall, who finished with expert English hooligans, said it was not possible in Argentina.

Unlikely to assume that England embassy invited us to the five leaders. It was this man. And we said: "If the government does not dare to do it, we have no chance." I think we have reached the point that the decision to go to the induced draft fan and now we have to follow the leader and be done with these people took. No need to be more in football. Basta. It's over. But we have to work together; the national government, the provincial forces, and city leaders. We have to go in that direction. I lived in Russia. I had to spend a few filters. It has been shown that if you have a good security system, which will come to complicate things, not shown, it does not come. While this is happening. Some of them are so clumsy that it is the words are softer than I can say that equally represented and prisoners in the application of Tribune Segura. It's great that they are upset.

You said that you did not know cave Year. ¿Have you experienced internally, how he got the tickets? Because someone gave them.

It is true that cave Year does not know. Moreover, I do not know who are those who say that they are the bars. The company in 2013, I went to Gran Buenos Aires and Capital. A subsidiary of the suburb, which had to do with national policy Pim! (Sic) I had two guys who showed as bars and mixed with politics. Subject bars beyond the scope of football. Thus, we must support the decision of the state. I said to the minister: "Count on the river." We want the football stadium and the river is no man who does not conform.

-Aceptás river, which is not a & # 39 is part of the AFA executive committee. Do not you think that you use?

When I made the list, the river left him on the street. Thus, we have voted blank. But we never felt hurt. Sorry, can not help being outside the Executive Committee. We can not solve. I must admit, a very positive and neutral attitude with regard to the control and treatment of CRF. No matter how the Court and arbitration is concerned, no complaints.

"With Chiqui Tapia, how do you get along?

Now, I'm fine. I have no problems. I only reproach, which is not supported us in CONMEBOL. I think that their leaders should work together to provide more space for the big clubs. The river is not of & # 39 is part of the race but, of Boca, Independiente … They have a lot to contribute. He does not see big clubs like enemies. Most expectations generated by the big clubs and the distribution of money has always been balanced. This allows us to even more championships. But I have nothing to say Tapia. Then in Argentina, we recognize that one may have a different opinion. And take superclásico in Madrid was a mistake. AFA would react. Let the river and Boca do not get along, it is not so true … Where was the AFA intermediary? With Angelici I was in Paraguay, but we never had a fight. This is what people think reality. We have concepts, values ​​and ideas are different than we think for Argentine football. Malo to the presidents of the River and Boca have to balance things to do. Many people told me: "How are you going to embrace the program (Jorge) Lanata."

-TE they are charged on the social networks.

"People need to understand that presidents have to be balanced. There are millions of people who listen to us read us. If we unbalance that you can ask the rest? When we came out of the Champions League, the first thing I was born to tell fans of the river "Respect for the opponent"We won, yes. But this is not a war.

With Angelici not friends, you're sure that there are no hard feelings?

No, not really. The river never broke relations with Boca. If AFA was reorganized, we would like to be a part of. But it was. We respect the fact that it was decided in this structure.

-If notes that Boca has the greatest influence on layers of authority with Mauricio Macri, Angelici and Tapia, you weigh in the river? Gallardo spoke of his protection.

"We have a ready Gallardo Commission directive, Francescoli and players. That's all. We have more than enough for what I see. With great respect, I am talking about. The strength that other people believe that there are Boca fans, but also respect for those who have it. We play fair and win that handles better. So I do not think that we should ask ourselves the problem. It's more of a fantasy than reality. I have great respect for the President of the nation, but I think the Argentines are too many problems that need to interfere in relations between clubs or football. If it is too good to be a fan of the club he & # 39 is and when he was at the helm made an unusual control. This is an issue that does not affect us. Reality is seen a day on the court.

Gallardo, selection and future

It is not evident that it is not called the Gallardo, to lead the team?

This decision AFA executive committee. They decide. The river is very happy and satisfied with the Gallardo, and vice versa. If you ask me, "Were you involved in the selection or the current coach Sampaoli?". I answer: "No."And I want to make good eye. It was in Russia as a tourist and WhatsApp messages sent Chiqui Tapia and said he was available. In addition, players.

If world leaders ended their clothes were torn, but not all were involved in the alterations.

-Those, which should involve leaders who are part of the executive committee. Many say that they should have called D'Onofrio ~ d. I'm not there, I can not comment or speak.

How much do you have to Enzo? Since Francescoli was the one who called the Gallardo.

We did not know what was going to meet with the leaders of Newell for these hours. When Ramon was arrested two days later to tell us that he is on the & # 39; leaves, the Gallardo came. Enzo told us clarito: "Marcelo Man." I said, "How are we going to have a manager?", It was a wise decision. It plays an important role not only Gallardo.

Enzo recognized that may go Gallardo and should be ready in one day.

This is an unusual coach. It has all the advantages. Behavior, humility, to be the leader imposed without being overbearing or parochial players, persuades training. He carries this to be a leader. With the Gallardo have an agreement until 2021 is not going to have to worry about, with & # 39 is the president happens to me.

Al Ain, UAE. special envoy

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