Wednesday , December 2 2020

Rodrigo Eguillor new life in prison: imprisoned in the hall violators Marcos Paz

Rodrigo EguillorIt did not happen those who follow him, what is happening with many inmates entering the prison for the first time.

he began a little wayward and rebellious in l Federal Penitentiary Serviceollowing JVP arrested last Friday in the house of his father, a businessman gambling on the closed Canning pass in the vicinity of alcaidía courts, where he was questioned in court number 48 Judge Carlos Bruniard, Eguillor he refused a gray prison uniform handcuff him. "Do not touch me," he said, In addition, he has refused to make it a simple medical examination.

Then, when he saw in the prison, Eguillor changed his attitude began to get depressedTypical primary internal. Perhaps he realized his new reality.

Today, the son of fiscal criminal coercion Paula Martinez Castro, accused of rape in San Telmo to 22-year, He is imprisoned in the flag of sex offenders from prison in Marcos Paz. He is not surrounded by other prisoners, at least not as far as it It is held in a separate cell, and is estimated by experts.

However, the son of a prosecutor is not the protocol that guarantees the physical integrity, and Cristian Aldana when he came to the same prison in December 2016 on a background of clear authorities fear that other prisoners attacked him: Eguillor in that one suspected sex offenders enough shelterDesign of the population of the Federal Penitentiary Service, to prevent fights between inmates.

in Sex Offender Treatment Program Marcos Paz He was sent, for example, footballer Fabbri, Processing and storage for the alleged abuses and corruption of his own goddaughter. The results of evaluation in Eguillor They expected that in the coming days.

Tribunalicios been rumors in recent weeks, which showed that Eguillor I received a diagnosis of a mental disorder at some point in his lifeIt is in the last year of high school, and his mother, even he began recording on precautions in family court Lomas de Zamora, the prosecutor Martinez Castro refused to confirm or deny the request Infobae.

However, sources close to the investigation dossier of his rape reject this version. If there were suspicions psychiatric condition, it had to be obtained Eguillor PRISMA program, mental health block SPF to which it was sent, for example, "Pity" Alvarez, after killing three people dead in Villa Lugano and Zamora Patricio Santos Fontanet, singer Callejeros.

Bruniard judge, on the other hand, He felt that he should not set him free, that freedom is an obvious flight risk. judge Mr.It echazó order release provided the official defender of Eguillor, because he believes that he has enough money to run according to information released BODY.

Sometime in the next year, Eguillor He will judge in oral criminal court number 9 another case of abuseOther alleged attack, this time without sexual intercourse and tocamiento employee Casino de Buenos Aires, mother and grandmother, which was held in April 2016 on-site parking. "He went for a walk with his penis"Said the original complaint against him.

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