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Rodrigo Tapari spoke about addiction, which in the past destroz


Rodrigo Tapari I was born in a humble house where the money is not something that abounded. At the age of 13 years he began to work at the plant, to reach out to his family & # 39; and. All this time there after his dream: singing.

Failing in numerous castings ultimately GOT. gust categrico success and a & # 39; appeared in his life. From that moment, everything changed.

I do not n & # 39; nd alcohol, and the theme of the evening, I began to take. I became very addicted to whiskey. I have come to rely whiskey play, sing, move, RELAT artist.

Coment singer, who worked also need to be constantly enrgico led him to seek a quick solution. In the end it became a habit: whiskey inevitably necessary to give the show.

I brought consequences, because after that I again began to make mistakes, and not people who Segua us, because I was always very attentive, but she with the theme of adultery, I began to deceive his wife so that there was no normal admitted.

Showman Expres, their lifestyle detonate slowly over all that l loved. Express: At some point I was destroying my things & # 39; S, but I did not take it, it was not my fault. My home was hell, because our discussions have been with for anything, because everything was so painful today understand: I, spiritually, it was a mess, a mess.

And he added: Lleg time, when I was ill, he had to be an aggressive person. I do not accept their mistakes: what I did was right for me. I locked the door to his family & # 39; s in my house, I went to go train and sent me ah, in the hope that all that she had to go.

Rodrigo realized that his wife and l are considered suicide in many cases. His daughter has always been at the center of lawsuits. They are not just discussing machine management altsimas speeds and risking their lives without even thinking.

Finally, he explained how he could put an end to the Var & # 39; yatstvu I interwar God. It was a before and after. I said, "Lord, As the morning when this decision, HAC, what you want with me." And the salt completely. And the first solution that Tom and Dei in God's hands were alcohol.

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